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STYLE MODAINPELLE COMPANY, a long history of family tradition, now at its third generation, supported by the best experts and consultants has become a point of reference for those operators always focused on the demand’s evolution and continuously seeking and researching exclusive trends, trend setting colors, unique leather types, top quality components and latest technology.

Source of information regarding events in the fashion system, it expresses its full value in the homonymous magazine, that represents a top Italian style guide for best materials…

STYLE MODAINPELLE COMPANY is a multi-platform media company providing insight and value added intelligence for high level executives and operators for the international fashion system.

STYLE MODAINPELLE ACADEMY supports educational training in the fashion accessories area through customized technical and design courses in Italy and abroad.


STYLE MODAINPELLE ACADEMY teaches the Italian design and construction methodology which is a key element in the success of Italian design goods worldwide. Creativity and fantasy are encouraged within the parameters of commercial and manufacturing requirements, resulting in design that is both innovative and appropriate for the target market.

With “We connect” services we offer support to all activities and initiatives concerning the design and development of bag-, footwear-, leather garments- and furs collections: in brief, support to Designers and Brands who want to design, or include a bag-, footwear-, leather garment- or fur line in their core business, providing them with a thorough service of product development and outsourcing.

With our couses we train students who want to acquire a solid foundation from which they can design and manufacture shoes or bags with confidence and express their ideas effectively to all those involved in the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing processes. We aim to present a complete panorama of all design, commercial and manufacturing issues that a designer and a technician must understand...

STYLE MODAINPELLE COMPANY is an authoritative source of information addressed to international operators in the fashion accessories sector

STYLE MODAINPELLE COMPANY guides you in the research of the best materials’ suppliers and the most prestigious manufacturing companies

Magazines in print and online addressed to specialized buyers and industry professionals.

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THE FLEXX Shoes to love

The FLEXX has launched the new models for the next Fall/ Winter season, with a keen eye for the latest fashion trends. A short name, easy to remember, recognizable worldwide, that perfectly conveys the distinctive traits of their footwear collections: flexible soft and pleasant to wear. The brand The FLEXX was established in 2006, yet it can rely on a well-established know-how acquired over the years by the founders, the Kaiser family, in the field of women’s shoes since the mid XIX century.

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NR RAPISARDI Contemporary inspiration

NR Rapisardi

Tight bond with the corporate roots and forward-looking attitude, tradition and creativity: NR Rapisardi provides stylish collections, designed to meet the customers’ needs. The beginning of NR Rapisardi’s history dates back to the early years of the XX century, when the Rapisardi family, a noble Sicilian house, took on the manufacturing and distribution of shoes:

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MISAF – MILAN SHOES & ACCESSORIES FAIR Ready for its first edition, scheduled to be held in Milan June 15-17, 2019

Misaf, ready for its first edition, scheduled to be held in Milan June 15-17, 2019 MISAF, the first footwear fair organized in Italy by Asian manufacturers in order to give visibility to their products and open up to the Italian and European market, thus promoting the industrial cooperation between Europe and Asia, will be held in Milan next June 15-17. The location chosen for MISAF – Milan Shoes & Accessories Fair- is the East End Studios placed in via Mecenate (Studio 90).

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Bengal Global Business Summit, Kolkata February 7-8, 2019

Bengal Global Business Summit

The 5th edition of the Bengal Global Business Summit was held at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, New Town, Kolkata on February 7-8, 2019. Mr. P.R. Aqeel Ahmed, Chairman, CLE and many other dignitaries from the leather industry also graced the inaugural session.

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Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos, a Brazilian-Dutch fairytale comes true

Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos

Looking back at the years that passed, Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos would have never believed that all her dreams would actually come true. Until she was five years old, Shieglee was raised in the Amazon rain forest. She then moved with her mother, sister and grandma to the slums of Rio de Janeiro. The new world was totally unfamiliar to her. For the first time in her life, she encountered simple things like water from the tap and her first pair of flip flops. Shieglee: ‘Because clothing and footwear were handed down from one child to another, I decorated them with everything I could find on the street just to make them a bit nicer.’’

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JAPAN BOOTH Japanese footwear craftsmanship at MICAM 86


Here are the seven debuting brands hosted in the Hall 1 – dedicated to luxury -, where they put on display models featuring an Eastern allure as well as the unique quality and comfort, shoes that we would like to wear on special occasions. Japanese-made shoes, showcased at the latest edition of Micam, embody the manufacturing excellence of a sector boasting a longstanding history of craftsmanship and tradition.

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Menghi Shoes, Style at the service of comfort

menghi shoes

For the Fall/Winter season, Menghi has designed a collection that can easily match the utmost comfort with a touch of glamorous elegance – a perfect combination that is further enhanced by an alluring chromatic palette that, in addition to classic black and white, favours eye-catching nuances.

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