ABC MORINI, un gioiello di accessorio

ABC Morini

Accessories. The mark that distinguishes, an essential fashion detail, the item that evolves without changing. This is the purpose of ABC Morini’s mission, a company founded in 1969 by the will of the founder Marcello Morini and since then the international leading provider of accessories for leather goods.

An historical company. A company that for fifty years has been helping to create and characterizes, with its footwear accessories, handbag accessories and belts accessories, the best productions of leather goods. A strong company. Strong of its famous past that is, today, the ability to be a reliable partner of the most demanding manufacturers and designers of leather goods. In terms of quality, versatility and uniqueness. A strong partner where tradition is built on innovation. ABC Morini is one of the few companies able to respond quickly to the ever changing market needs, in all its facets. Really.

ABC Morini

A consolidated know-how in the field of fashion accessories: bags, belts and shoes. A highly skilled team that has joined and endorsed the mission that sets us apart and for which we are known. A contemporary style played with elegance and fancy from the designers. A versatility that has made possible a line extension where the offer is extended through the segmentation of the demand while respecting the increasing rhythm of innovation that today’s fashion requires.

One step away from celebrating its fiftieth birthday, A.B.C. Morini still follows the same values ​​on which it was founded: to maintain its role unchanged over time, the metal complement must evolve according to the trends, but without giving up on its identity, in a constant search for innovation and excellence.ABC Morini

A team of highly qualified technicians follows this corporate philosophy supporting the customer step by step during the many stages of the production process, choosing the most suitable solutions according to the specific needs or developing customized projects that meet the creative needs of designers and stylists.

Buckles, rings, chains, closures, loops, eyelets, rivets, studs, keepers, hooks and much more: the vast catalog that A.B.C. Morini offers includes elegant and fashionable solutions, made according to functionality and a unique design.

ABC Morini