ISAA International Shoes & Accessories Academy

STYLE MODAINPELLE ACADEMY teaches the Italian design and construction methodology which is a key element in the success of Italian design goods worldwide.

Creativity and fantasy are encouraged within the parameters of commercial and manufacturing requirements, resulting in design that is both innovative and appropriate for the target market.

Students acquire a solid foundation from which they can design and manufacture a collection of a shoes or bags with confidence and express their ideas effectively to all those involved in the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing processes. Their work will be analyzed in terms of feasability and commercial aspects.

We aim to present a complete panorama of all design, commercial and manufacturing issues that a designer and a technician must understand. Students complete a design project in an environment that simulates the working condition of a design studio. They prepare their collections from both the aesthetic and commercial viewpoint and have the possibility to first participate first at the technical module focused on the main shoe types.

Most of the course is dedicated to hands-on practical work in which students develop their individual collections under the constant guidance of their design and technical instructors. Each student works at his own pace. We accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities.

Course components include: understanding fashion, developing creativity, research methods, professional drawing techniques, computer aided illustration, CAD CAM, marketing, brand identity, manufacturing and technical aspects of shoe and bag construction as well as visits to leather goods manufacturers and their suppliers.


All STYLE MODAINPELLE ACADEMY instructors are highly qualified professional designers and technicians who combine their academic work with consultancy for leading Italian and international fashion brands. Students learn from them the latest design trends and marketing issues that a designer or a technician faces. Course instructors have diverse but complementary professional experience and specialisations and so give a broad view of the world of leather fashion design. Students have full contact teaching time with these experts; they are not “visiting faculty”.