Acque del Chiampo, the process for the implementation of the new treatment plant for tanning waste is well underway

Acque del Chiampo Spa, good news for the aforementioned project, that is, the construction of the new treatment plant in the Arzignano/ Montebello area.

Andrea Pellizzari, Acque del Chiampo’s
Managing Director

“We are very satisfied with the latest developments concerning the construction of the plant, because this project, together with a solution to the PFAS problem, was one of the main priorities set by the partners on the occasion of the appointment of the new board of directors, held on June 26th, 2017.” This is the statement made by Andrea Pellizzari, Acque del Chiampo’s Managing Director, very pleased for the brand-new, significant step forward taken in the procedure that will result in the opening of a plant for the treatment of tanning wastewater’s depuration sludge proceeding from the depuration facilities based in Arzignano and Montebello Vicentino (Vicenza province). As a matter of fact, after collecting the declarations of interest for the identification of an industrial partner, the local municipal administrations have kicked off a discussion on the deliberation for the establishment of a new enterprise that will have to deal with sludge management: this will officially mark the beginning of the process that will lead to the public bid.

As decided in September 2017, the plant will be located outside the area called Ovest Vicentino: according to the Industrial Plan, the economic sustainability has been assessed on the assumption that the facility should able to process approximately 35,000 tons of tanning sludges as well as a minimum of 15,000 tons of sludge from other sectors, for an overall volume of at least 50,000 tons per year. The technology employed will likely be gasification and the overall cost should amount to around 70 million euro.

The next step requiring the approval of the municipalities involved in the project concerns the establishment of a newco, that will guide the collaboration with the partner(s) identified during the bid, the latter open to European companies as well. In July, Acque del Chiampo will publish the tender notice: then, the technical committee will assess the best bid, thus choosing the operating partner that, in the following three months, will have to put forward ideas for the location of the plant.