Aeffe Machinery A worldwide success

Aeffe Machinery
Constant investments in R&D projects, cutting-edge machinery featuring competitive performances, direct relationship with the clientele: these are the secrets to Aeffe Machinery’s success. Designed and assembled in the in-house precision machine shop, the technologies developed and manufactured by Aeffe Machinery are conceived to successfully meet the requests of the tanning industry, and can be used to finish not only hides, but also textiles and synthetic materials. Ranging from drilling to multifunction machines, from AF CUT to AF SNAKE – respectively, a carving and scaling machine – up to the latest innovations, AF LeSyTex and Alfa, the catalogue presented by the company based in Bientina (Pisa province) comprises cutting-edge solutions that manage to actively contribute to the enhancement of the production processes as well as of the competitiveness of the leather sector.

Qualified corporate technicians carefully monitor all the stages of the machine’s manufacturing cycle, from the design to the on-site installation (both in Italy and abroad), while ensuring an efficient post-sales assistance and maintenance service. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the utmost quality, flawless results and top- notch, creative finishes, the firm implements every year functions’ upgrades, technical improvements and high- performance innovations.

Established in 2003 and currently managed by the Pasqualetti brothers, Federico and Alessandro, Aeffe Machinery has grown into a prominent name in the field of professional tanning machines, winning over an international clientele thanks also to its constant commitment to the research and development of technologies able to effectively take on the challenges set by a demanding, ever-changing market.