AEFFE MACHINERY professional tanning machines

Specialized in the manufacturing of professional tanning machines, the Tuscan company Aeffe Machinery invests significant resources to keep up the pace with the needs of an ever-changing market. Much more than a simple laboratory: Aeffe Lab has been conceived as an authentic education centre addressed to technicians, fashion stylists, designers and, most of all, to customers. The need to meet in a prompt and efficient way the requests of the leather processing and finishing sectors lies at the core of this project in which Aeffe Machinery has invested significant resources, resulting in a one-of-a-kind facility dealing not only with the promotion of the corporate machinery, but also with training programmes: as a matter of fact, Aeffe Lab gives the chance, to all those interested, to carry out field tests, to keep abreast of the latest innovations as well as to learn more about a specific model. Ultimate goal of this initiative is to help the workers that are going to use the machine, giving them some accurate information on its operation, its potential and features. “In addition to a trends archive, Aeffe Lab is a laboratory where to try out processing techniques and where to carry out sample-making R&D projects, a structure that aims at growing into a true benchmark for technicians, fashion stylists and designers, able to provide in-depth data concerning the finishing performances of our machinery,” stated Federico Pasqualetti, owner of the company together with his brother Alessandro. Founded in 2003 right in the heart of Tuscany’s leather district, Aeffe Machinery has grown into a prominent enterprise specialized in the design and manufacturing of professional machines for the tanning industry: cutting-edge solutions conceived to fully meet the requests of the clientele and that manage to boost the competitiveness and productivity of the entire leather sector, by ensuring the utmost efficiency, first-rate performances and high reliability standards.

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