AIRCOM embodies perfectly the concept of “Industry 4.0”.

aircomThrough significant investments and targeted goals, AIRCOM embodies perfectly the concept of “Industry 4.0”.

Being a company 4.0 doesn’t imply only significant investments in one or more cutting-edge machines, but also the in-depth understanding of a new entrepreneurial concept – one that combines innovation and the digitalization of production processes with a steady and thorough development of the employees’ skills. In other words, being a company 4.0 is not a mere virtue or flaw, but it’s an attitude that embodies a creative dynamism and ongoing search for well-crafted, high-performance as well as functional and competitive solutions. AIRCOM has perfectly grasped this concept, by investing consistently in state-of-the-art technologies and in training 4.0.

Currently, it is acknowledged as an all-Italian SME dealing with a wide range of end sectors – industrial tanning, the metal industry, wood, plastics and glass branches -: thanks to its specialized know-how, to more than fifty years of experience in the industrial painting business and, most of all, to the significant resources poured in the implementation of ground-breaking technologies and of innovative production processes, it is able to design and manufacture automatic spray guns featuring the highest standards in terms of safety, functionality and aesthetic care. The global market demands for faster responses, both from a productive and from a technical point of view: therefore, efficiency, timeliness, competence and retantion are the keywords.

For this reason, besides the technological upgrading of production lines – through targeted investments in high-performance machinery -, AIRCOM keeps growing by focusing on two strategic assets: R&D and Technical Training. A challenge that doesn’t concern only one’s reference market, but also a successful entrepreneurial perspective, because it manages to increase the performances, in a virtuous and thorough way, of all the stages in the manufacturing cycle, thus resulting in top-quality articles and in top-notch safety and durability standards, while contributing to a decrease in maintenance issues and downtime – the latter usually affecting negatively the processing and delivery schedule. After all, the true secret to a sustainable competitiveness is the Human-Based Technology.