Aircom Original, Innovation is the key

aircom original
The steady upgrade of products and processes, the purchase of cutting-edge, high-performance machinery: in spite of the volatile economic situation, Aircom Original keeps investing in innovation, research and development.

Innovation is one the core values pursued by Aircom Original, a value embodied not only by the utmost commitment to R&D activities or by the steady upgrade and enhancement of products, processes and services, but also by the purchase of high-performance, increasingly efficient technologies. The Piedmont-based company has been investing, on a yearly basis, significant resources in order to deploy an ample range of cutting-edge machines, able to guarantee top-notch results, to optimize the manufacturing cycles, to markedly reduce both consumption levels and the amount of waste: as a matter of fact, the implementation of state-of-the-art equipment and tools is the key to providing the clientele with products in line with the highest quality and technical standards. Aircom’s latest addition is the Tornos Swiss lathe, a model that allows to make even the most complex pieces thanks to modular processing and to the chance to deal with bars featuring a diameter up to 13 and 25.4 mm: a technology that ensures a substantial improvement in terms of efficiency and performances.

Relying on over fifty years of experience in the painting and finishing sectors, Aircom Original is an Italian enterprise steadily on the rise, internationally as well, praised for its distinctive ability to innovate processes and products. A constant commitment that has led to the design, manufacturing and sale of safe, certified, efficient and competitive articles, finely crafted down to the smallest details, both aesthetically and in terms of functional versatility: automatic spray guns, accessories and components, all available even in non-standard, customized versions, so as to meet the clientele’s requirements and the demands of an ever-changing market. However, behind Aircom Original’s success, there is not only its steady drive to innovation and the special attention paid to R&D projects, but also a flexible corporate structure as well as an entrepreneurial strategy based on the “lean production” concept: this type of attitude allows to address quickly business and technical issues, to manage promptly orders and their delivery, and to rely on versatile, “tailor made” approach.