AIRCOM Spray guns On the lookout for Italian-made excellence

Synonymous with cutting-edge performances, aesthetic care and reliability, the products designed by AIRCOM ensure the utmost efficiency and functionality with a low environmental impact. An internationally renowned enterprise, AIRCOM is specialized in the design, making and sales of a wide array of equipments to be used in several end sectors – ranging from industrial tanning to metal industry, up to the wood, plastics and glass branches. Boasting a turnover steadily on the rise, the company provides its clientele not only with an ample selection of automatic spray guns, but also with feed pumps, thickness gauges and accessories – a multi-faceted catalogue of cutting-edge solutions, abreast of the market’s requirements, conceived to improve the efficiency of spray lines. All the items developed by AIRCOM are manufactured and assembled in Italy, using only certified materials: easy to use and to maintain, such technologies feature a well-crafted design and guarantee top-notch quality and performance levels, while ensuring a low environmental impact as well as consumption levels, in full compliance with the current safety and sustainability-related regulations. In order to take on the challenges of the modern Industry 4.0 as well as of an increasingly international and demanding market, AIRCOM relies on a corporate philosophy fostering a “tailor made” attitude – thanks to original products, devised to meet the specific requests of each customer – and a higher production flexibility, thus skillfully combining the need for competitiveness with a strong commitment to responsible growth. As a matter of fact, significant resources are invested yearly in training activities, in R&D projects, in the implementation of new technologies and innovative strategies for the optimization of processes and consumption, as well as in the promotion of eco-friendly initiatives (focusing on renewable sources, reduction of polluting emissions, recycling, waste disposal). Special attention is also paid to customer care services, both in terms of sales support and concerning technical and maintenance assistance.

Fostering an ethical business concept – Significant investments in technological innovation, in R&D activities, in the enhancement of the human capital: AIRCOM has been steadily promoting an ethical and sustainable business strategy, by relying on a corporate philosophy that combines competitiveness, environmental safeguard and a responsible management of resources. For this reason, the firm has launched a new communication campaign addressing the industrial painting market, putting in the limelight five keywords: innovation, sustainability, design, durability and uniqueness. An initiative that aims at effectively promoting the values lying at the core of AIRCOM’s global success.

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