ALDO BRUÉ, Classy and comfortable


Since 1946 Aldo Bruè shoes are synonyms with the art of shoemaking, with creativity in the styles and materials, experience in the most ancient production techniques, and the ability to reinterpret them.

 Softness and comfort are the hallmarks of Aldo Bruè shoes, which are particularly flexible and unique because of how they are built.

Aldo Bruè

The Summer Collection 2020 is characterized by the use of different brogueing, colors, and exclusive patterns, which make the shoes extremely light and fresh, without sacrificing the elegance.

A key factor in the success of the Aldo Bruè brand is the union of craftsmanship and innovation. Through the careful selection of raw materials, craftsmanship in the manufacturing processes combined with softness, comfort, elegance and refinement, the brand is admired all over the world and is a fine example of Made-in-Italy excellence. Today, the company’s mission has not changed and can be simply defined: “To provide elegance without compromising comfort and to achieve perfect harmony between the customer and the product”. The Aldo Bruè brand continues to grow throughout the world; from the single-brand store in Milan to its select worldwide distribution and online sales.