Arpex Textiles, Italian excellence

arpex textiles
Eco-friendly, innovative, tied to tradition. Specialized in the production of textile accessories, shoelaces and tapes for the footwear sector, Arpex Textiles looks confidently ahead, proud of its roots

“Ne facciamo di tutti i colori”, a slogan that ironically celebrates the infinite range of nuances used for Arpex Textiles’ accessories

Aldo Musti

“In 1979, it was not an easy feat to quit a “permanent job”. Definitely, it was not a cautious choice. Yet the desire to take a step and put myself to the test was far stronger than fear,” stated Aldo Musti, Arpex Textiles’ founder and owner. “Together with my wife Maria, I started manufacturing textile accessories, shoelaces, tapes and labels for the footwear and apparel sectors.” Time has gone by since then; many
things have changed. Except the tireless drive to further push one’s boundaries. Even though it is still a family-run business whose roots are deeply tied to the tradition of the Apulian territory, Arpex Textiles has grown into a modern enterprise that has managed to steadily keep abreast of the demands of an ever-changing, increasingly sophisticated and competitive market.

“Over the years,” explained the entrepreneur, “we have repeatedly adjusted our business strategies, by upgrading articles and production processes, by training the personnel, by finding new facilities. Globalization did not frighten us, but we defied it by investing in quality. It was not easy, but we made it.” The company headquartered in Barletta, now at its second generation with the sons Valentina and Giuseppe, has become a benchmark for the firms in the fashion sector. As a matter of fact, Arpex Textiles has been standing out for its integrity and reliability, for its long-standing experience and efficient production chain, aiming for full customers satisfaction by turning their demands into highly qualified solutions. “The current range of articles merges together our history and of our curiosity about the future and the opportunities lying in store for us,” pointed out Musti. “A successful combination between passion for tradition and interest in innovation.”

Arpex Textiles honoured with the “100 Italian Excellence” award

The quality certifications and the awards have played a key role in strengthening Arpex Textiles’ reputation as a well-structured, efficient, competitive and trustworthy enterprise. “Our slogan “(not) ONLY GREEN” conveys two values,” explained the entrepreneur. “First of all, it puts in the limelight our eco-friendly philosophy, a strategic asset. Secondly, and ironically, it underlines the wide range of colours for our accessories.”