Artioli’s footwear today

artioli sneakers
Artioli has always been a byword of excellence and Italian craftsmanship, a brand universally recognized for its timeless, refined models. In the 90s, when sportswear started to enter this segment, Artioli was able to meet the market’s demand as well as its trusted customers by including the sports shoe into its collections:

artioli sneakers

“At the beginning of the 90, we introduced sneakers into our production, a new type of footwear for us. We usually manufacture other types of models, that we constantly innovate so to enlarge the choice range. We started with a few models and the biggest evolution has been in the last 10 years.”

Another expression of the Varese-based company’s renowned craftsmanship applied to the sportswear segment.

Un’altra espressione della riconosciuta artigianalità dell’azienda varesina applicata al segmento sportswear.

To whom is addressed the sneaker Artioli? And what are the characteristics of your sports shoe? In recent year, the line of sneakers has become more and more up-to-date, also considering the evolution of the market towards a more casual clothing style than in the past and the related widening of the choice. The range of leathers and colors is varied and boasts high-quality features. We recently presented the very light “Exagon” and “Dinamic” soles which are very successful.

What distribution channels will it have and what kind of positioning do you foresee? The sneakers are distributed through our usual historical channels. Our distribution takes place through single-brand franchised stores and some top-level multi-brand retailers, where the consumer can find a very wide choice of products, including sports shoes.

How does a historic company like yours looks at the footwear market today? There will be a return to true values in dealing with life. This pandemic will lead us to more intelligent and reasoned choices in both clothing and footwear, towards a search for respect for the environment and excellent quality that are exactly the values on which we’ve always relied on. We can certainly say that ours is a sustainable product, as each shoe is completely handcrafted and it’s made from natural, biodegradable materials without any chemical addition, so to respect the environment. Our shoes, belts, bags and suitcases, small leather goods, gloves, clothing, have a very long life, they can be reconditioned several times and passed down from generation to generation. Our shoes can be tailored made, so to meet the needs of most demanding clientele.