AUTEC AUTOMATION develops future’s robots

autec automation

Autec Automation is specialized in the design and manufacturing of automations for the footwear industry – state-of-the-art technologies conceived to streamline the production cycle and to decrease process execution times. It deals with the development and making of software programmes using Cartesian coordinate as well as of anthropomorphic robots, of conveyor systems (both straight and curved), and of a wide range of systems for extraction, deburring, trimming, adhesives application and spraying, following profiles acquired off-line.

Ing. Francesca Geri Autec Automation

Ing. Francesca Geri, Autec Automation

“At Simac, we have chosen to showcase an innovation for the leatherware sector, which is new for us,” explained Francesca Geri, engineer. “It’s a technology developed in partnership with our customers in order to effectively fulfill their demands. Robots have yet to gain a strong foothold in the leatherware sector, a field that can provide significant prospects in terms of growth margins, especially for leading luxury brands. We are able to guarantee top-notch precision standards, thanks also to the employment of six-axis machines.”
The company was founded in 1993 in Ponsacco (Pisa province). At the beginning, the core business revolved around the production of footwear robots with injected polyurethane, conceived especially for the safety sector.
The Tuscan firm has evolved gradually and, in the last few years, it has designed and manufactured production lines for air/oil filters in the automotive branch as well, thus meeting the needs of globally renowned enterprises. “2018 ended on a positive note,” confirmed Francesca Geri, “and, thanks to the contacts collected at Simac, we aim at keeping on this satisfying trend.”
The robots devised by Autec Automation are sold worldwide, as confirmed by the growing export rate, the latter now accounting for 90% of the corporate turnover. Mechanical and software design is carried out in-house.