Base Protection, Technology from the future

An innovation-driven success: Base Protection, Italian company headquartered in the Barletta district, has turned cutting-edge technological research into its flagship. With a keen eye for style as well, a prominent feature for shoes designed and manufactured in Italy.

Ayoung enterprise, a recent and successful project, whose key assets lie in its steady drive to growth and in the filing of several patents: this is Base Protection, firm established in 2005 in Civitanova Marche, then moved to the footwear cluster based in Barletta in 2007. In the same year, it joined the Spanish group Fegemu. An adventure kicked off with a bang, that is, with a patent immediately awarded – at the Security&Safe Award 2006 – for its innovative scope, designed to solve the posture problem for the employees obliged to bend their feet while working. That patent is called TPU-Skin, the anti-fatigue sole, one of Base Protection’s flagships together with other cutting-edge technological solutions.

The whole corporate philosophy is marked by two keywords, modernization and innovation, with keen eye on the past, on Italian craftsmanship, on its traditions and skills that have played a key part in the global success of the “made in Italy” label. Hence, the mission pursued by the firm: to produce comfortable, safe, yet beautiful shoes, the ideal solution for both working hours and leisure time.

Microfiber lining with silver ions, resulting in antimicrobial*, thermos-regulating and antistatic effects for maximum breathability. The use of silver allows to discharge to the ground annoying static charges that tend to accumulate on the body. Final result: dry feet, no unpleasant odours, first-rate breathability rate.

Equally noteworthy is the steady commitment to environmental safeguard: Base Protection has managed to get the environmental certification given by DNV Business Assurance for its low-impact industrial facilities and production cycles. A deeply-rooted sensitivity resulting in the Weareco philosophy, a strategy and a way of working aimed at finding solutions with a low environmental impact at all levels, from packaging to exhibition stands.

The investments in R&D projects have paid off in terms of patented technologies. In addition to the aforementioned TPU-Skin – featuring a very thin (0.2 mm) outsole, able to utterly change the flexibility of the shoe -, another breakthrough concerns the i-daptive technology, namely a smart cushioning system whose behavior varies according to the type of work – conceived to give stability to the foot, acting as an active suspension, and to fix its axis in the event of small lateral oscillations. Moreover, it succeeds in dissipating the energy resulting from impacts and in returning to the foot part of the very same energy while walking, making it a lighter, more comfortable experience. This technology is one of the distinctive traits of Kaptiv, the latest collection developed by the firm: models featuring a modern, bold style as well as top-notch safety standards, incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Dry’n Air is another patented technology: the so-called “dry foot system is provided with an air circulation system that can improve breathability, while keeping the foot perfectly dry.