BASE UP, The soles’ future goes green

Base Up
BASE UP, Marche-based company, stands out for its commitment in the field of environmental safeguard.

In theory, it is easy enough to use the word “green”; however, it is another matter entirely to implement a truly environmentally-friendly corporate and productive philosophy. This is the case with Base Up, firm headquartered in Fermo province, that has turned the research of “eco” solutions into its flagship and that succeeds in providing an ample range of soles made with low-impact, sustainable materials. Established in 1996, the enterprise deals with the making and sales of plastics soles for men’s, women’s and children’s footwear. The experience and the growing specialization acquired over the years have gone hand in hand with an ongoing commitment to R&D activities, resulting in the launch of exclusive, one-of-a-kind, hi-tech products that pay close attention to environmental safeguard.

Base Up

Soles made with +Eco, thermoplastic material, lightweight, compact and eco-friendly 

As a matter of fact, in addition to the traditional compounds such as TR, TPU and PU, Base Up has developed exclusive materials, thanks also to the investments and to the studies carried out in the field of sustainability and environmental compatibility in the last few years. +Eco and +Eco Light are thermoplastic materials, lightweight and compact, that can be re-used and recycled endlessly, produced by employing up to 95% of recycled plastics. Furthermore, they are made with solar-powered machinery. Available in a range of 22 nuances, the main difference lies in their specific weight: 0.99 for +Eco, 0.65 for +Eco Light. The company owns two fully vegan materials as well, Bio 55 and Bio Light: the former is manufactured with a material deriving in great measure from vegetable waste, not food ones, and wood processing scraps, while the second ensures also a reduction in specific weight, down to 0.65. The production of both materials compounds in a marked decrease in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, up to approximately 70%, compared to the making of traditional materials. 

Last but not least, as far as eco-friendly heels and wedges are concerned, Base Up features +Compost Bio, a vegetable thermoplastic, fully recyclable and biodegradable. All the materials provided by the company can ensure top-notch standards and properties in terms of lightness, softness, flexibility, resistance to abrasion and deformation – cutting-edge solutions that guarantee first-rate performances, in full compliance with the current regulations concerning safety, environmental safeguard and sustainability.