Bauce, Leader in leather sammying and drying machines

The Trissino-based company BAUCE, is at the forefront in the design and manufacturing of through-feed sammying and setting out machines: in the spotlight, the MVC4 S Versus model.For 49 years, leader in leather sammying and drying machine: a leadership that BAUCE – company based in Trissino, at the forefront in the field of tanning technologies both on a national and on an international scale – wants to further strengthen in the upcoming years, thanks also to a range of interesting models that are getting ready to win over the global market. The Italian firm, active on the market with the brand BAUCE TRI.MA and specialized in the design, production and sales of sammying machines for wet-blue and of through-feed setting out machines, is carrying on its investments plan, featuring cutting-edge technologies and top-notch performances.

Bauce Mvc4

La macchina Mvc4 S Versus RCE The machine Mvc4 S Versus RCE

BAUCE’s successful entrepreneurial history is a striking example in terms of continuity and corporate growth. As a matter of fact, the firm was established in 1970 (therefore, next year will mark the 50th anniversary) by Attilio Bauce, who, at just 23, chose to kick off an enterprise revolving around the development and manufacturing of sammying and setting out machinery. Now, the company is led by the second generation of the family, more precisely by Luca and Sabrina – currently at the helm of the family-run business -, while the third daughter, Michela, deals with the management of human resources as well as of the administration and financial departments.

We met Luca Bauce, co-owner of the company, and we asked him a few questions, so as to draw a preliminary overview of the current situation as well as to outline future prospects.

Luca Bauce

Luca Bauce

What is your opinion concerning the corporate performances in the first half of 2019?
The market is not going through a thriving phase. However, BAUCE is still the number-one choice for many customers, that, even in this difficult moment, are ready to invest in our innovative technologies.

The main innovation, showcased by BAUCE at the latest edition of Tanning Tech, is the new machine provided with heated cylinders, specialized in leather processing, whose production is currently underway: what kind of feedback are you getting in Italy and abroad?
One of the flagships of our company is undoubtedly the through-feed setting out and sammying machine MVC4 S Versus. Given the excellent results achieved, more and more customers have set their eyes on the RCE version, that is, the one equipped with heated cylinders featuring a customized surface, either smooth or satin. The ultimate goal is to guarantee a true breakthrough, a step up the ladder. This project fulfills the demands of a growing number of both domestic and international customers, on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies to process their articles and we are always ready to listen to their requests and to develop together new possibilities, every day.

Next September, you are going to take part in the ACLE exhibition in Shanghai: what kind of innovations are you going to showcase? And what are your expectations for the event?
The fair in Shanghai is a pivotal event in order to gather information and intelligence about the next market trends. For BAUCE, it will provide the perfect occasion to collect ideas and to listen up to the demands of international tanners, who will come and visit us, seeking out the most suitable technology in order to improve their articles and to carry out their projects. We will be pleased to meet both well-established customers and new enterprises on the lookout for innovation.

What is your export share? And what are the most promising markets worldwide for the coming years?
Approximately 80% of our production is sold abroad. In this period of global economic uncertainty, it is a bit complicated to point out the most promising markets for the future. We are going to pay close attention so as to fully grasp the upcoming evolution trends.


Il capannone The warehouse

In just a few months, in 2020, BAUCE will celebrate its 50th anniversary: what does this milestone mean for the company and for you as the owners?
We are thrilled and honoured, as we have been active on the market for so many years. Our slogan points out the need to safeguard our industrial tradition by constantly pursuing technological innovation, a mission made possible by the expertise of our team, the latter always ready to thoroughly commit so as to achieve the set goals. It our sworn duty to keep improving our quality standards and to always been at the forefront in the field of new technologies.

How will you celebrate this pivotal anniversary?
To date, we have yet to decide, but we will definitely have some surprises in store for our customers and partners.