BAUCE Competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability: a successful combination

Bauce MVC-4 Versus RCE
Synonymous with research, technological innovation and maximum efficiency, BAUCE, company based in Trissino (VI) invests significant resources in the constant upgrading of its machines. Top-notch quality and yield standards, efficient, yet sustainable performances, cutting-edge technical solutions, a responsible management of energetic resources, low consumption levels: these are the distinctive traits of all the machines designed and manufactured by Bauce, leading company in the field of tanning technologies, specialized in the production of wet blue and through-feed setting out presses – a specialization-oriented strategy that has actively contributed to the international success of the firm, widely acknowledged as an ideal partner for the leather industry worldwide. Thanks to a corporate policy fostering substantial investments in R&D activities and in projects for technological enhancement, the enterprise headquartered in Trissino (Vicenza province) can provide its clientele with state-of-the-art machines that perfectly combine the Industry 4.0’s standards with a growing interest in sustainability- related issues – abreast of the ever-changing market trends, with a special focus on automation and on the optimization of production processes, as well as of the ever stricter environmental regulations, in full compliance with the latest safety protocols. This steady drive to modernization and to technical improvement is confirmed by the upgrades periodically installed on all the machines made by Bauce. As in the case, for example, of the through-feed setting out and sammying machine MVC-4 Versus RCE, recently equipped with a series of interchangeable heated cylinders featuring different grains: this addition allows to achieve first-rate results on various kinds of leathers, by enhancing the quality of the grain and by leveling out the entire surface. Furthermore, the implementation of an automatic rotating system gives to customers the chance to easily pick out the perfect level of satin polishing, whether more or less aggressive, based on the types of item to be processed.