BERGI, A step ahead

Engaged since 1965 in the design of tanning machines, the Arzignano-based company BERGI invests significant resources both in the development of new models and in the constant upgrading of equipment and technologies.

A step ahead, gazing to the future. This is the philosophy lying at the core of corporate policy fostered by Bergi, company headquartered in Arzignano (Vicenza province) with more than 50 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and sales of machinery and automations for the tanning industry. An attitude that puts in the limelight research and innovation, – as confirmed by the significant investments in the development as well as in the upgrading of plants, machines and technologies -, that has helped Bergi establish itself as the ideal partner to tanneries and enterprises worldwide, acknowledged as a byword for professionalism, quality, expertise and reliability. The main purpose is to design reliable, high-performance technologies, able to guarantee the utmost production efficiency.
Among the latest innovations launched by the Veneto-based company, a special mention goes to Supervario T and Attiva. The former is a new heavy-duty, through-feed ironing machine, equipped with a stacker: specifically conceived for the furnishing and automotive sectors, it is suitable for larger grains, provided with a support roller featuring a larger diameter compared to the other models available on the market, thus resulting in a longer period of the leather under pressure. Furthermore, thanks to the pre-heating system in the “spreader”, it allows to process leather faster and at lower temperatures, while reducing thermal shock.

As far as Attiva is concerned, it is the latest innovation in the field of belt buffing machines: designed to be used 24/7 without breaks, Attiva is going to flank Selecta, Nabukka and Innova, thus effectively completing the range of solutions dedicated to this specific procedure, high-performance models, each one featuring specific application fields and targets. The distinctive trait of this machine lies in the peculiar inclination of the work bench, so that the material comes out easily from the buffing roller: as a matter of fact, the gap between the buffing point and the transport conveyor has been significantly reduced compared to traditional models. In this way, leather comes out perfectly laid out, without wrinkles or folded edges, thus facilitating the passage through the cutting-edge dedusting machine. Attiva is also equipped with a “spreader”, the innovative feeding conveyor for soft hides, widely praised by customers as well as by industry professionals.