BERGI S.p.A., first-rate technological innovation for the tanning industry

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“Innova”, cutting-edge buffing machine specifically designed to process softer of small-sized leathers thanks to a less aggressive cutting

BERGI S.p.A., first-rate technological innovation for the tanning industry

logo-BergiRelying on more than fifty years of experience in the business and thanks to substantial investments in R&D projects, the company headquartered in Arzignano has grown into a leading name in the field of tanning machinery and equipments, praised worldwide for its professionalism. Established in 1965 in the heart of Vicenza’s tanning district, Bergi is an internationally renowned brand, specialized in the design, manufacturing and sales of leather processing machines. A successful Italian enterprise that, over the years, has managed to widen its scope of action – a commitment that has resulted in the launch of two divisions, Bertech and Bertex, that embody perfectly the steady drive to research, development and technological innovation promoted by the company based in Arzignano. We interviewed Mauro Bergozza, the firm’s CEO, who described some of Bergi’s flagship products and outlined the initiatives implemented in order to meet effectively the challenges set by the new Industry 4.0.

Bergozza Bergi

The Bergozza family, at the helm of Bergi S.p.A. since its establishment in 1965

What is Bergi’s core business? Our flagship products comprise buffing machines, dedusting machines – including suction systems –, through-feed ironing and embossing machines available in various models, as well as automation equipments: stackers, leather selectors, bundle preparing machines, in summary automation for leather, from wet blue to the finished product.
Your range of buffing machines has achieved an astounding success. Can you tell us something more? Our best-selling, most famous model is “Selecta”, a traditional machine that ensures impeccable results when carrying out several operations such as heavy buffing on impregnation, pre-base or stuko, oiled leather and firm splits. Selecta is also world leader for upholstery and automotive hides. On the other hand, when dealing with the buffing of suede and small-sized hides such as goatskins and sheepskins for the clothing and leather bags, we propose the “Innova”, a machine that we launched a few years ago. Resulting from the evolution of the previous model and purposefully conceived to process softer or smaller leathers, it ensures a less aggressive cutting and an inclination of the frame that reaches 45°: in this way, the hide comes out of the machine perfectly laid out, without wrinkles or folded edges – a pivotal characteristic that facilitates also the dedusting phase. Generally speaking, each model boasts slightly different features, suitable for specific items. On both products, it’s now possible to implement, as an optional accessory, the “spreader”, that is, the conveyer belt available in several sizes up to 2100 mm. Specifically recommended for soft leathers, but employed for all kinds of articles, this accessory is in full compliance with the current safety regulations. Shortly, we will launch a new buffing machine called “Attiva”. Its distinctive trait will be the use of closed-loop emery paper, perfect for precision processing such as the grain’s snuffing up, the leveling of thickness of pre-based splits for the automotive sector, as well as the hot waxed leather. We will propose the new machine to our customer working reeled materials as PU or PVC for example, where dust removal on treated surface plays a major role.
Let’s turn to a truly topical issue: Industry 4.0. What is your position concerning this trend? More than a year ago, we have started focusing on the design of 4.0 machines, and now we are able to provide our clientele with cutting-edge solutions. The so-called 4.0 trend can be described as an application system integrated in an electro-mechanical machine in order to make it more automated, able to communicate both with the company in which it is employed as well as with its manufacturer, in this specific case Bergi. We purchase the hardware components such as PLC and touch-screens from internationally renowned, certified suppliers. We develop in-house the software to be implemented in the machine; furthermore, we can rely on the partnership with an enterprise specialized in the tanning sector for the supplying to the customer the data management.
So, you can confirm that you are able to manufacture machines fully complying with the standards set by the Industry 4.0 incentives? Exactly. At the edition of Simac Tanning Tech held in February 2017, we showcased a new buffing machine whose parameters could be easily set and monitored remote, via iPad, wired connection and Wi- Fi. Certifications have been awarded to our “Innova”, smerigliatrice all’avanguardia, perfetta per lavorare pellami più morbidi o di piccole dimensioni grazie a un taglio meno aggressivo della fibra. products by two specialized technical offices, “Innova”, cutting-edge buffing machine specifically designed to process softer of small-sized leathers thanks to a less aggressive cutting thus confirming their full compliance to the standards set by the Industry 4.0’s fiscal incentives; furthermore, we only purchase components and equipments falling into step with said specifications. We attended several lectures and conventions in order to better understand the real meaning of this trend: a steady drive to more and more automation that, on the one hand, it fosters the optimization of the production processes, thus favoring the corporate efficiency and competitiveness, while, on the other hand, it gives us the chance to get a constant flow of data and information proceeding from the machine itself. Data concerning the engines’ performances, energy consumption, work cycles and maintenance management: in this way, it becomes easier to point out where upgrading and improvements are required, analyzing thoroughly the shortcomings and the strengths of each single model.