Bergi, Belt buffing machine ATTIVA and ATTIVA SOFT

Bergi Attiva
After two years from its debut, Bergi can take stock of the quality and trustworthiness of the new buffing machine ATTIVA.

From the reports received from both the Italian and foreign customers, the first thing that emerges is the reliability of the machine and the validity of the project. Basically, besides some little corrections, no significant modifications were made to the initial design. Apart from the routine maintenance and the substitution of the consumable parts, no remarkable intervention was registered.

As for the buffing quality of the ATTIVA, we can say that the 45° inclined configuration of the structure has been greatly appreciated because it helps the distension of the outgoing leathers facilitating the work of the dedusting machine.

Another plus point of the ATTIVA machine is the wide opening of the overhead protective guard that simplifies the general cleaning and paper-changing operations as well as the opening of the feeding table that is completely automatic. Besides helping the operator in the process of changing the buffing paper, thanks to the wide working space offered, it also eases the operation of replacing the rubber transport roller.

For those who process soft leathers like sheep & goat skins, or splits but also cow sides, the ATTIVA SOFT proved to be an essential instrument for the operators. Thanks to the feeding device, replacing the classic wooden feeding table, soft leathers can be automatically inserted inside the machine and buffed.

There are many other plus points and advantages offered by the ATTIVA that Bergi Staff will be glad to show you. Therefore, our valued customers are kindly invited to contact Bergi Company and try the ATTIVA machine at their best convenience and with the materials they prefer (leathers, rubber, textile etc.) For more information please contact: