Industrie Chimiche Forestali sustainable’s Reports

Bilancio di sostenibilita
There’s a lot of talk about the responsibility of companies towards customers. The “new” customer wants to know anything and everything about the garments he chooses to wear: everything that revolves around production must be sustainable, not just the product itself.

But if on the one hand companies find themselves having to account to customers for their products, on the other hand they have a responsibility towards the stakeholders, who are also more interested than ever, as is logical, in the work of the company. And if until now companies only had the duty to draw up financial statements for their audience, a new tool is making its way, driven by the growing interest in the environmental and social impact of industrial activities: the sustainability report. It’s a document that reports on the economic, social and environmental results of the company, aimed at communicating all the activities carried out in the previous year – as well as their impact – to the widest possible audience. The primary aim is transparency, in response to the growing demands from the public for greater ethical and environmental commitment by the fashion industry. A commitment that is currently voluntary for most of the players in the sector, but that could become mandatory in a future not too far away.

guido cami icf


In Italy, Industrie Chimiche Forestali’s example stands out. The company, ahead of its time – precisely during the lockdown period – presented its first sustainability report. “We did it spontaneously, without any request from anyone,” says Guido Cami, CEO of ICF. “I think it’s a good idea to rationalize all the activities that a company carries out to be in harmony with the environment, socially respectful of internal and external people and profitable in the long run. Furthermore, being ICF a listed company held by the market for over 90%, it is correct, in my opinion, to keep all shareholders informed on the correctness of management”.

This commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with the opening of an online sales channel, another novelty for ICF, in line with industry trends: “We took advantage of the opportunity to launch products for hand and surfaces hygiene, with excellent results”, confirms Cami “soon we’ll also introduce products for DIY and for footwear repair. I believe that online sales channel will become increasingly essential also for industrial goods companies”.