Calati SeleVision, the gauge that “deletes” pen and paper using Wi-Fi technologies

Calati Selevision
The collaboration between the historic brand CALATI from Trissino and the company specialized in leather measuring instruments, GER Elettronica from Montecchio Maggiore, has developed a tool destined to become the leader in the leather measuring sector.

An innovative gauge equipped with a wireless connection that, combined with the Selevision Software, automatically send and record through simple buttons the thickness measurements of a lot of hides, finished items; alternatively, it can be used for any other control operation where it is necessary to record the measurement. The two companies from Vicenza, leaders in their respective sectors, Calati and GER Elettronica, both belonging to the same world leather district of Arzignano, have worked together to develop a product destined to oustand in the Italian and international leather market.

maurizio danese
Maurizio Danese

“It will be on sale by the end of June” says Maurizio Danese, also owner of the namesake company “This instrument, although mechanically being similar to the tools CALATI, that are well-established globally, adds a significant technological content to the gauge: by simply pushing the button, the data are transposed digitally, so to be stored or shared immediately online. During these months the gauge was tested by a small group of customers, who fully promoted it: it will certainly be a must have for every operator of the tanning industry, from leather traders, to commission agents, to end customers. The novelty introduced is the interference-free, high-tech connection developed by GER Elettronica, combined with a software that will be “leather oriented” that is, meant only for the leather market.”

Calati Selevision

Maurizio Danese himself explains the system, which is very cutting-edge and technologically advanced: “The interactions between the “Selevision Calati” software and any management or traditional Selevision are ensured by the high level of file compatibility (CSV). Each customization will then be available according to the customer’s request, thus underlining our approach to customization on each product. The wireless gauge is aimed at every branch of the sector, because it can help the individual buyer who wants to keep the data of each small lot purchased, traders who want to keep track of the divided lots, up to the large tannery that needs quality control from fleshing to the finished product.”

“We are satisfied and happy to launch this tool on the market – adds the owner of Calati – the quality of the product, patented, is guaranteed by the synergy with Calati, a brand renowned for its endurance and indisputable quality, and GER Elettronica much appreciated for its ability to constantly technologically evolve. This project began in 2019; in these two years we have worked closely, investing money and know-how with professionalism. During the lockdown, we have worked hard in terms of R&D, and carrying out tests in the laboratory.” The Vicenza-based company has come out with its head held high after the pandemic. “That is precisely due to the fact – continues Danese – of owning three different brands, eZipCut, Calati and Danese. We have always worked, we took advantage of government subsidies only for a few days last spring, then we immediately resumed at full capacity, concentrating on the different projects we had studied. Now we are ready to reap the benefits, we are convinced that the market will resume in the second half of 2021, as well as in the forthcoming years. Especially those companies capable of proposing new, technologically advanced items will be able to establish themselves on the market.”

The DANESE Group will attend the Simac Tanning Tech international exhibition, scheduled at the Milan Fair from 22 to 24 September. “We will have our own stand – concludes Maurizio Danese – where we will also showcase the wireless connection gauge; we are sure it will meet a great success. We hope that the vaccination campaign will confirm the good results, giving everyone the opportunity to move freely and above all guarantee the presence of foreign operators.”