Caprice footwear, Passionate and innovative

Caprice calzature

Caprice footwear, manufactured by the skillful third generation of shoemakers closely linked to the roots of tradition, stands out for comfort and high-quality workmanship.

Caprice calzature

These creations, featuring the great appeal of a sneaker, are well suited to everyday life, also thanks to exclusive processing and refined finishes. The feeling of velvety soft leather that covers the foot like a second skin, merges with patented wellness innovations to create a unique walking experience.

Caprice calzature

Each model features a strong personality, able to explore today’s lifestyle beyond fashion, and ensures a unique attention to detail: you do not just wear a Caprice shoe, you experience it.

Since the foundation in 1990, Caprice has become an innovative centre of shoe production and technology in Pirmasens, a well known town for shoe production in Germany.

Caprice’s ambition is to develop shoes which imply walking on a surface of clouds. Therewith, the appearance of the company’s building is also affected by the Caprice slogan “walking on air” as well as by the colours sky blue and the whiteness of clouds. Therewith, a visual highlight has been created at the western access of Pirmasens presenting an eye-catcher in the traditional town of shoe production.

Caprice onAIR Walking on air