Chaussures Azurée Cannes Glamorous femininity

Chaussures Azurée Cannes

Chaussures Azurée Cannes, designers conceive their creations as jewels aimed at enhancing the silhouette. The “Cristal” line, the brand’s flagship, envelops the foot in a transparent “frame”. All models are embellished with precious stones, Swarovski rhinestones, painted hides and even original handmade paintings. All this can be described with two words, that is, Chaussures Azurée Cannes, the French brand specialized in women’s footwear entirely manufactured in France – a true byword for refined taste, femininity and elegance.

 André Chassigneux, a visionary entrepreneur, founded the brand in the middle of WWII and the US army supplied him with the required materials. Since then, the history of the company has been tightly interwoven with that of the French Riviera, the latter grown into one of the world’s most glamorous locations. In the ‘70s, the second generation of the Chassigneux family joined the business and the brand became an icon of the “Côte d’Azur” style applied to ladies’ footwear; in the ‘80s, the “Cristal” line turned into the firm’s best-selling collection, thus supporting the growth of the production and of the export rate. The third generation, part of the enterprise since the early 2000s, has vowed to carry on the corporate tradition.Chaussures Azurée Cannes

“We got a positive feedback at the latest edition of Micam, as confirmed by the good turnout registered at our stand,” stated Pascale Chassigneux, at the helm of the family business. “Our collection was highly praised by the customers, especially the iconic “Cristal” line. Great success was met by the range of sandals featuring jewelled rhinestones and transparent heels embellished with pearls, flowers and other decorations.”

The distinctive trait of the shoes designed by Chaussures Azurée Cannes lies in the use of a special transparent material, patented by the company, that perfectly fits one’s feet and, thanks to its multi-layered structure, keeps temperature under control. This line comprises sandals, loafers and pumps decorated with jewels, embroideries and colourful appliqués, conceived for women on the lookout for accessories able to combine comfort, refined elegance, glamorous and chic details. “Equally successful was the “navy” line: loafers and sandals in printed varnish with rope inserts on the heels,” explained Pascale Chassigneux. “Exports account for 60% of our turnover. In Milan, we have the chance to meet not only our European customers, but also those proceeding from Japan, Australia, Russia, Singapore, China and Lebanon.”

The shoes developed by Chaussures Azurée Cannes perfectly embody the know-how and craftsmanship of its designers. A team of in-house specialists closely monitors fashion trends and develops new styles, on the lookout for eye-catching nuances and innovative materials. The ultimate goal is to create one-of-a-kind articles, that perfectly embody the glamour and elegance of the French Riviera. After the design phase, the models are turned into prototypes in the corporate pilot workshop and then tested in the firm’s flagship stores. In this way, all the creations are approved by the clientele.

Chaussures Azurée Cannes
Quality is one of the corporate values pursued throughout the processing cycle; special attention is also paid to the organization, management and control of the production chain, ranging from implementation to the delivery stage. Azurée, whose pilot workshop is located in Grasse, owns a facility that gathers under the same roof laboratories for cutting, stitching, assembling, finishing and quality control.

The manufacturing partners, all based in Europe and under the authority of the production manager, complete the supply chain. Each project undergoes quality control before the delivery. Chaussures Azurée Cannes was awarded with the “French Signature” Label (namely, the French manufacturing guaranty label given by the French Shoes Federation).