Chimica Vemar, Steady quality, over time

Chimica Vemar
Chimica Vemar, company located in Arzignano (Vicenza), specializes in the production of chemical products for tanneries.

At ProssimaPelle a new successful article with a post-Covid 19 increasing demand, was introduced right after being patented. Constant quality over time. This is the slogan that summarizes the philosophy of Chimica Vemar, the company based in one of the most important leather districts in the world, specialized in the production of chemical products for tanners. Since more than 30 years, customers can get a complete assistance, from the first stages of the tanning process up to the finished leather. With a range of over 2,000 products and a staff of technicians specialized in the wet processing and finishing phases, the Venetian company works side by side with its customers providing the best solutions in terms of technologies, processing and products. Since 2012 the brand has a technical laboratory and a warehouse in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa) that guarantee direct technical assistance and delivery of products in a very short time to companies in the Tuscan leather district.

The Arzignano headquarters also host a technologically very advanced laboratory in which chemical and physical tests are carried out on products and on leather, both for internal R&D (Research & Development) and as a service offered to customers, who therefore have the opportunity to make live experiments and choose the best customized solutions. Chimica Vemar was one of the leading companies of ProssimaPelle, the event hosted in mid-July in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), where an important new product was launched. “This is a new chemical product, which has been patented already; – Laura Vantin explained. Thanks to its acidity, it significantly increases the transit of tannins in the leather during the finishing phase resulting in higher quality with leather remaining immersed for a shorter time. This effect is favored by the fact that this product releases more oxygen, reducing the COD (acronym of Chemical Oxygen Demand) in the final bath for a percentage ranging from 10 to 20% “. “It is also an antibacterial treatment – she adds – that solves a series of problems of car manufacturers regarding leather interiors. With the situation that arose after the Covid-19 health alarm, we decided to focus our efforts on this range of products for which demand is absolutely increasing. Apparently, the visual and tactile effects are the same, but the substantial difference lies in the fact that the soft nappa leather, if not treated, begins to develop bacteria after about a week; while if it is treated with the new system, after some months it remains perfectly intact. The automotive industry was a pioneer in the antibacterial treatment for interiors’ materials; even before Covid-19, car manufacturers’ requests for specifications were very restrictive and specific from all around the world. Anybody sitting in a car, an environment with a lot of temperature and humidity changes, is in direct contact with leather and in an ideal situation for the development of bacteria. Like never before, now it is essential to guarantee the main car brands a product capable of slowing down bacteria development. We are convinced that the car sector will recover in Italy and worldwide, even if the year 2020 will almost certainly end with a negative sign: however, who decided to change a car will certainly do so in the coming months. Therefore, the sector is destined to resume a positive trend.”

The new product of Chimica Vemar can be summarized in three flash words, which the Vicenza-based company has translated into slogans, which should launch a “green” message of considerable impact. “EFFICIENCY, because it allows the tannins to be better fixed on leather – concludes Laura Vantin – and through this procedure there is a better result from the products placed in drums; ECOLOGY, because it allows to reduce the COD, one of the most important topics in the district of Arzignano that involves almost all tanneries; HEALTH, because it allows you to create a hostile environment for bacteria and therefore keep leather healthier “.