Coats Opti, the sustainable zip

Coats Opti zippers

Coats Opti the zippers EcoVerde S and M are made with yarns derived from the recycle of plastic bottles. Thanks to the brand Opti, the multinational corporation Coats – boasting more than seventy plants worldwide for the production of yarns – is the world’s second largest manufacturer of zippers to be used in the apparel, footwear and accessories sectors.

Currently, the zippers developed by Coats Opti keep up with the specifications concerning the respect of the ecosystem and effectively meet the increasingly high demand for sustainable production in full compliance with the strictest environment-related restrictions.

Coats Opti zipper-verde

Opti S EcoVerde

The zippers Opti S EcoVerde in recycled polyester are made with yarns derived from the recycle of postconsumer plastic bottles (PET). As a matter of fact, the latter are collected, cleaned, selected and ground to flakes. Said fragments undergo once again a depolymerisation process, turned into their original components (EG and PTA) so as to become a brand-new polyester raw material, that can be used as a replacement of the traditional, oil-derived polyester chips. The recycled raw material is then extruded, stretched and texturized in order the get the perfect yarn for the manufacturing of the EcoVerde zippers – models S40 and S60.

The latest addition to the EcoVerde range is called Opti M. The textile tape is made up to 95% with recycled polyester, while the remaining 5% is virgin nylon, chosen to give greater stability; at the same time, teeth and slider are produced with non-recycled brass so as to keep the strengths and meet the international standards. Since the main end market is the denim segment, the only size currently available is the one designed for jeans. The sales price is superior (+45%) compared to classic M4Y zippers.

Coats Opti zippers blu

The brand-new Opti M EcoVerde – M4Y


The division based in Codroipo, Udine province, acts as the headquarters for the development of several national and international projects and has become a benchmark for “green-oriented” plants. As a matter of fact, the facility is equipped with a cogeneration unit, powered by a sole source of primary natural energy (methane gas), resulting in the production of two types of energy (heat and electric), then used throughout the manufacturing cycle. Even though not certified under the voluntary environmental regulation (ISO 14001), the plant located in Codroipo has implemented a waste management system complying with said legislation as well as with mandatory laws (starting with the decree 152/2006). Furthermore, the company belongs to SISTRI (the Italian waste traceability control system). More specifically, temporary waste storage areas for each single special waste code (according to the European Waste Catalogue), whether hazardous or not, have been identified Awarded with the Unique Environmental Authorization, the firm constantly monitors noise levels, emissions in the atmosphere and the wastewater parameters, while using a biological purification system to process water proceeding from the Dyeing department. All the data are periodically sent to the group thanks to an integrated IT management system.