COMELZ, Constant growth and innovation



It was the first company to ever implement electronic parts and CNC plants (in the late ‘60s) for leather cutting operations. Established in 1943 in Vigevano, Comelz has kept on improving: as a matter of fact, in 1983, it integrated hardware and software components, while, in 2000, it has launched on the market the first generations of knife cutting machinery.


In 2017, NB Renaissance Partners – Neuberger Berman’s branch dedicated to private equity investments in Italy -, took over 85% of the firm, while the remaining 15% still belongs to the Zorzolo family. The corporate export rate accounts for 75% of the revenues, and the main end markets are the Asian-Pacific region, Europe and South America. The branch offices are based all over the world, while the production phase is carried out in Italy. Compared to 2017, the corporate turnover increased by 23%, amounting to approximately 75 million euros. At the helm of the firm, featuring more than 200 employees in the headquarters alone, there is the managing director Alex Corsico.

Alex Corsico, CEO Comelz

Alex Corsico, CEO Comelz

Can you tell us something about the latest innovations showcased at Simac Tanning Tech?

We have upgraded our machines and we are exhibiting them for the first time. Especially the CZ plus range, featuring the three-meter model for the automotive industry as well as the two-meter option, designed for cutting multi-layered synthetic materials. The latter allows to shift from synthetic to leather cutting in less than a minute, thus resulting in a marked increase in productivity.

Comelz is strongly focused on the machines’ software programmes. Are there any innovations from that point of view?

We have widened our software department by taking over, a few months ago, a software house based in Florence with more than 500 employees. We have integrated our assets and we are starting to reap the first results, featuring innovations in terms of cloud systems, CAD systems, statistics, machines interconnections and much more. Thanks to their previous collaboration, we have developed the CAD Caligola, that we will keep upgrading by adding cutting-edge services. We will soon provide new customizations for our most prominent customers.


What is your opinion concerning the development of CNC machines for leather cutting?

If we take a look at the global production of the leather-related sectors,said machines are a drop in the ocean. Therefore, there is an ample margin for growth, especially in Asia. Several small-sized companies based in Western countries are taking an interest in CNC cutting techniques.

At the end of 2018, you took over, from the Mascetti family, the entire capital of Camoga, company specialized in the making of splitting machines for the most renowned footwear, leatherware, fashion, automotive and luxury brands. How is the integration going?

We are satisfied with our choices and Camoga’s takeover gives us the chance to effectively widen our product range. The Camoga brand will remain.

Your company is actively involved in takeover operations, will there be more in the future?

We are focused on the corporate growth, but we are ready to assess any interesting opportunity, should they arise.

What kind of projects are you currently working on?

We aim at constantly providing innovative products, thanks to the close collaboration with our customers worldwide. For this reason, Comelz has been committed, for quite some time, to an internationalization process that has led to the opening of branch offices all over the world dedicated to commercial activities, technical assistance, spare parts supply, training and technical support.