A company’s know-how is the main source of its performance and competitiveness

STYLE MODAINPELLE COMPANY, a long history of family tradition, now at its third generation, supported by the best experts and consultants has become a point of reference for those operators always focused on the demand’s evolution and continuously seeking and researching exclusive trends, trend setting colors, unique leather types, top quality components and latest technology.

Source of information regarding events in the fashion system, it expresses its full value in the homonymous magazine, that represents a top Italian style guide for best materials, manufacturing and creativity. In brief, a leader in the leather accessories’ sector with over 50 years of experience, working both in publishing, with the publication of specialized periodicals dealing with footwear, leather goods, leather garments and furs distributed around the world, and in professional training for designers and technicians working in the above mentioned fields.

Through “WE CONNECT” services, we provide our customers with the management of social media and the creation of integrated interactive catalogs with web interface.

Through its courses, STYLE MPA, a highly qualified training academy, provides the perfect tools to individually develop and support the stylistic identity of each student. Recognized by all major institutions and international companies, STYLE MPA is the only academy that follows up aspiring technicians and designers with individual courses under the supervision of experienced professionals who actually work in the sector and thanks to whom it is possible, on request, to develop customized prototypes with the direct support of partner manufacturers.

National Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers
“Top Designer” fashion footwear contest. Sao Paolo, Brazil
International exhibition for fashion industry
United Nations International Development Organization