Conceria Nuvolari, a sustainabilitydriven future for leather

Conceria Nuvolari has been investing in metal-free, biodegradable and no-toxic hides, with a low environmental impact and boasting all the physical and durability-related features of a traditional product.

At the latest edition of Lineapelle, Conceria Nuvolari – Marche-based company led by the entrepreneur Sara Santoni, specialized in the production and sales of goatskins and other top-quality hides, used mainly in the footwear, leatherware and apparel sectors – put on display a range of metal-free and biodegradable samples.

Articles that, once again, confirm the will of the tannery headquartered in Monte Urano to keep pursuing sustainable innovation, in full compliance with the best protocols and certifications, while paying close attention to environmental safeguard issues. And, to date, results are truly surprising. The patents developed in Conceria Nuvolari’s research laboratories (Innovative SME) that help manufacture metal-free and biodegradable leather, do not go to the detriment of its traditional nature, actually succeeding in enhancing its properties such as durability, breathability, thermoregulation, colour fastness, tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Sara Santori, Conceria Nuvolari

“We have implemented the chromatic palette, shiny and matte nuances,” explained Sara Santoni referring to the collection on display, “and improved the customized print concept: starting from the disc provided by the customer, we manage to reproduce patterns, even complex ones, without compromising the leather’s metal-free and biodegradable properties. The same goes for the waterproof and drip-proof hides. As far as suede materials are concerned, the main innovation lies in a finishing in recycled, biodegradable plastic, able to give to the product a peculiar glittery effect. The Alllure® article is available also in the Allure Brush nappa leather, the latter finished by using a wax that makes it shinier, without affecting, in this case as well, its biodegradability. Last but not least, the Skin Goat® highly breathable lining has been manufactured with the Nature-L® tanning technique, thus combining two innovations in a single hide.”

PEF diagram concerning the environmental sustainability of the tanning process used to produce the Nature-L® leather.

Conceria Nuvolari recently analyzed the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the product Nature-L® (metal-free and biodegradable) according to the PEF method (Product Environmental Footprint) to test – through a project carried on by Milan’s Politecnico – its environmental impact compared to traditional tanning techniques. “The results,” stated Sara Santori, “confirm the sustainability of the impacts with regard to the tanning process used for the production of Nature-L® leather and were presented during the CSR and social innovation exhibition that was held at the Bocconi University in Milan on September 29th and 30th, 2020.