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CORICHEM Tanning Tech

Boasting more than thirty years of experience, CORICHEM has grown into one of the most prominent companies in the manufacturing and sales of chemicals and dyestuffs for tanning industry: at the latest Tanning Tech exhibition – held in February at the Rho-fieramilano fairgrounds -, the firm chose to carry on its strategy, that is, to pick specific topics for each edition.

Pierluigi Braggion CORICHEM

Pierluigi Braggion and the CORICHEM’s team

“This year’s theme,” explained Pierluigi Braggion, president of the company based in Sarego (Vicenza province), “has revolved around research, because, besides falling into step with the routine procedures, it engages systematically in a dialogue with the customers in order to develop specific products. We deem imperative to provide tailored solutions and to win over the clientele’s loyalty through a constant exchange of ideas and insights, so as to devise articles and processes that can meet all types of needs and demands. Our quality standards are incredibly high: the entire production cycle is carried out in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 regulations; guaranteeing at the same time the utmost punctuality. The Quality Control Laboratory, based in Sarego, ensures the compliance with the first-rate quality performances, in conformity with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements as well. We keep investing in research and innovation, because we believe this is the right path to follow in order to become more and more competitive on the global markets: currently, our sales network comprises more than thirty nations worldwide and exports account for 30% of the corporate turnover. However, we aim at balancing the exports share with that of the domestic market in the upcoming 4-5 years.”

The next three-year period will likely play a pivotal role in CHORICHEM’s further growth, as confirmed by the plans and strategies highlighted in the Master Plan 2019-2021, including the doubling of the production plants. “In 2018, we broadened out our headquarters,” stated Baggion, “by adding further 12,000 sqm.; the same area will host another facility of 7,000 sqm. In this way, overall area will amount to 21,000 sqm., out of which 13,000 sqm. are covered. The in-house reorganization, featuring a rational use of spaces and a new logistics, will give us the chance to rely on a streamlined, more efficient structure, leading to the launch on the market of innovative eco-friendly products, useful to the development of solutions tailored on the sector’s needs.”