Corplast, The beauty of eco-friendly items

The products Corplast displayed at Lineapelle meet, once again, the needs of an ever- evolving market


The challenge to sustainability carried out by Corplast goes on. The company, based in Corridonia, is an established reference point for the international footwear industry in the field of high-end TPR, TPU and EVA soles. “At the February edition of Lineapelle we knew we could no longer ignore the ‘Greta (Thunberg) effect’ – explains Michele Centioni, Corplast’s Manager and in charge of the International Projects division – however I did not expect, right after the lockdown, such a pushy return to ecological issues by some customer segments.”

That’s why the Marche-based company returned to the September edition with a strong approach to that branch of the market focusing on low-environmental impact products. “We are investing in certifications – states Centioni – and developing lines of materials according to three different strands: recycled, biodegradable and ‘second’ and ‘third generation’ bio-based (deriving from crops and plants not suitable for human consumption) articles.”

Traditionally non-recyclable materials such as expanded EVA are also targeted: “This is a difficult material to reprocess once its life cycle is over. The research carried out by Corplast leads to the creation of a sole made of 20-30% of recovered expanded EVA, meaning that all the lightness and softness features typical of the virgin product are intact; however, its look is conditioned by the very nature of an ecological and recycled product (which in some segments can even help convey the message).

Some models of the latest trend Corplast soles mounted on footwear

Sole made with recovered expanded EVA

Compared to ten years ago, the recycled plastics sector has made great strides and also the ecological approach is no longer just a marketing tool, but a need due to widespread market sensitivity. We must seize this opportunity and push on these types of materials: good for nature, but not always perfect.”

The company has factories in India and for a year also in Albania, but for fifty years it has kept production operating in the Marche region for a range of high-end customers who do not intend to leave the Italian market. Corplast has been shut down for about two months during the lockdown and strongly desired to attend this “edition zero“ of Lineapelle, to show a collection that counts less pieces but that’s still full of news; above all, the company wished to give a strong signal to the market despite difficulties. “A drop in sales of 20-30% is inevitable, but we could not give in to the temptation to leave our customers in a difficult time like this.”

Loris Liciotti, Key Account Manager Corplast