COS.T.A, Nuova rivoluzionaria linea di rifinizione

cos.t.a mariano rovetti
Mariano Rovetti

The company, located in Montebello Vicentino in the district of Arzignano and founded in 2000 by Mariano Rovetti, looks ahead with more investments in research and development: here, the latest innovations presented in ProssimaPelle, July edition.

“We have launched a new patented coating system on the market, for which we expect a great response from the Italian and the international markets”, said Mariano Rovetti, Sales Manager of Costruzioni COS.T.A. on the occasion of the ProssimaPelle, event hosted in mid-July at the Tannery Museum in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa).

The company operates in the tanning, textile and furniture sector and specializes in design, construction and installation of complete lines and systems for special processes such as coating, embossing, printing, coagulation, lamination, ennobling of crusts and hides. COS.TA, whose name derives from the acronym “Construction for Advanced Technologies”, represents a leading production company, known and appreciated all over the world for its high technology levels, which can be applied to a wide range of materials, among which synthetic leathers, fabrics, paper, plastics. “We are market leaders in tanning finishing – Rovetti told us at the Tuscan exhibition – but we continue to invest in new models and work on innovative projects. Despite the shut down and the health pandemic, we have always been active in research and development focusing in particular on an innovative coating project. Silicone molds allow the creation of a very thin and personalized film that guarantees exceptional performances”. “It is very suitable – he specifies – for the automotive sector, not only for interiors in general but also for those parts such as the steering wheels and armrests against rubbing effects. This system allows to eliminate even the smallest defect on which we focus our attention. This work cycle takes place with a hot press line, which allows to improve tight leather finishing: this is a significant step forward, which has also passed the tests of a major world car brand, Mercedes. The other great exclusive feature of the new lines is that of being able to process whole large leathers “.

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What is it all about? “Right now, we are building the widest machine, the 3000 model, which allows you to work leathers up to the size of 180 x 3000 mm and which is able to guarantee a fundamental quality step forward also in terms of production and economy. In this case too, we have an official patent. Now we are continuing our commitment, convinced that this machine will be highly appreciated: worldwide, at the moment we have no competitors. We already have activated three experimental machines: one in Germany, one in China and one in the district of Arzignano, where we do manufacturing tests, which we can follow very closely “.

Are there other projects you are carrying out post lockdown? “We are also working and collaborating with Basf to create a synthetic material, a microfibre addressed to high quality manufacturing. Furthermore, we are very satisfied of the TOP LEATHER system, this is the name of our industrial line; up to now we 100% are at work despite the lockdown period. This new finishing system perfectly responds to actual needs. Medium or low quality full grain leathers can be finished with three continuous processing steps: high technology finishing, spraying and hot deforming processes, finally returning to the highest quality. The great international tanneries are competing for this technology, which has opened new frontiers in the horizons of footwear and leather goods “.

How did you experience the lockdown phase in the company? “It was a tough period for everyone, however, we took real advantage spending time in innovation and research, as well as in the reorganization of our premises. While we had to stop our activity for almost three months, we optimized activities allocating specific departments for certain processes and organized internal training courses aimed at improving each worker’s skills. At the end of the year, we will probably also record a drop of turnover, but in this scenario, in which many entrepreneurs had to leave part of their employees at home, we have hired more staff and I am sure we represent an exception. The orders have been suspended but not canceled; we trust in a recovery for the second half of the year as, according to their processing, we will have to work at full speed”.

How is the situation at international level from your point of view? “We are attentive to what is happening in foreign markets, and we can say it is not true that the whole world has stalled; in many countries work didn’t stop. This has led us to look for new customers, also in countries where we were not active. The opportunity we had to get materials and fill our warehouses during lockdown allowed us to re start immediately as soon as it was over. Those who did not act in this way lost further time and then couldn’t get back on the road due to lack of raw materials. History shows that even in critical moments there is some benefit to be gained; we hope that Europe or the state will guarantee financial aid to companies “.

Last question: are you confident about the future linked to the economic recovery? “We are a healthy company and we can manage to go on, but it is necessary that the entire tanning sector remains healthy, because the shutdown of any companies, maybe also of supplier of ours, represents a general disadvantage for the whole sector. Nobody enjoys the shutdown of competitors; I am not worried about COS.T.A. but about the complete supply chain. It is essential that everyone starts again. As an entrepreneur, but above all as a citizen, I believe that the definitive solution will be the discovery of a vaccine, as all this represents a global epidemic “.