DANESE, assistance in record time

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“Thanks to our structure, we are able to promptly operate and solve every type of issue right on the spot. A service that is widely praised by tanning entrepreneurs, because any downtime might result in serious damages,” stated Maurizio Danese, owner of the company bearing the same name, at the latest edition of Tanning Tech.

maurizio danese Tanning Tech

Established in 1992, DANESE is headquartered in one of the world’s most prominent tanning districts, the one based in Arzignano, Vicenza province. In the early years, the core business revolved around the production of conveyor belts for vibrating stacking machines, a field in which the Italian enterprise managed to match and, in some cases, even to outdo competitors with far more experience in the business.

In order to meet the demands of the increasingly larger clientele, DANESE has become a trading company able to provide top-quality spare parts and accessories at competitive prices.

danese Tanning Tech

“As a matter of fact, our firm,” confirmed the owner, “mainly deals with spare parts supply and assistance, even though we have exhibited other tanning machinery, conveyor belts and a line of compactors. Our range of machines, components and accessories has been developed to effectively meet the production needs of our clientele. Over the last five years, we have grown into a benchmark for those who want to invest in technology featuring the best price/quality ratio, by providing highly competitive offers. We deal also with the sales of reconditioned spare parts and of overhauled machines, since we either purchase discontinued models or we upgrade outdated ones. In this way, we can turn a discarded tool into a valuable resource without spending too much.

danese Tanning Tech

“Besides Arzignano, where our headquarters is based,” states Maurizio Danese, “we work a lot with the foreign markets, so much that the exports now account for the 80% of the turnover: however, we believe that there are margins for further growth in the emerging countries, since we have launched innovative products. Currently, the more interesting markets are Brazil, China, India, Russia and Pakistan: on our website, the corporate catalogue is also available in traditional and simplified Chinese.” www.danese-italia.com