Danese D-ANTISTATIC, the new conveyor made of antistatic fabric

Complementing its portfolio of staking conveyor fabrics, Danese launched a new D-ANTISTATIC conveyor, an antistatic fabric with high strength carbon fibers inside that gives a wonderfull staking effect to the leather.

Moreover to meet the needs of the customers who work wet leather or need heavy duty material, starting from january 2021 Danese srl is the exclusive distributor of the fully rubberized fabric named MAX : a staking material with one side completely made of rubber that grip the hide during the staking operation, much appreciated by tanners because the conveyors last far more than one year.

danese d-antistatic

These 2 products have been added to the other brands that Danese srl spreads all over the world:
TUBULAR staking conveyors without seams and joints,
CALATI measuring thickness gauges,
CARM emery paper for dry or wet leather and eZipCut pneumatic trimmers for lime and finished leather.