DERI-MAKSAN GROUP, The ideal partner to Turkic Republics for establishing turnkey tanneries

DERI-MAKSAN GROUP, manufacturer   of   tannery   machines, was established in 1988 in Izmir, Turkey. Over  the years, its quality and expertise have grown and reached an international level.

e enterprise has a great role due to its experience while establishing Leather Industrial Organized Zones in Turkey, providing machines, spare parts, equipment and  assistance  to  new  tanneries.  Deri-Maksan  differs  from  its  competitors thanks to its qualified team as well as to its ample range of efficient services, encompassing all the phases of the processing cycle – projects design, production of specialized, state-of-the-art machinery, installation of turnkey tanning plants, know-how training. Therefore, IT IS MUCH MORE THAN A SIMPLE MACHINE MANUFACTURER.

In these days, investors from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and other Turkic Republics have chosen Deri-Maksan for their projects. In Uzbekistan, a wet-blue tannery that processes, on a daily basis, 5 tons of bovine hides and 1000 pcs. of ovine leather has started to work. Secondly, an ovine leather tannery, featuring a daily production capacity of 1000 pieces, will be opened in March 2020 by Deri-Maksan. Contracts were signed with investors from Chechnya for a wet-blue tannery that will process 5 tons per day of bovine hides, starting from January 2020. Moreover, the company signed a deal with investors from Turkmenistan for a leather factory that will manage 1000 pcs. of ovine leather and 10 tons of bovine hides.

Due to rising demand for wool  facility  machines,  the  company  raised  its production capacity recently. Moreover, the firm has started to manufacture a LANOLIN MACHINE for the making of lanolin, used in pharmacy and perfumery. Deri-Maksan is the first and the only Turkish company that develops this type of technology.