DERMACOLOR chemicals, New life to leather

Thanks to constant research in its own application laboratory, Dermacolor increases its production with additional auxiliaries for finishing: MICROCOMPACT (Compound), MICROWAX (Wax), MICROPUR (Polyurethane), MICROTOP (Top and Binder) and Cationic Auxiliaries. To be mentioned, the MICROLEVER’s line new stucco, which is extremely useful to mask scratches and abrasions during the leather finishing phase. These stucco (plasters) are highly versatile and particularly suitable for items ranging from nappa clothing to abrasives and varnishes. Producing these items indoor was a choice dictated by Dermacolor’s will to control and guarantee materials it places on the market in order to comply with the increasingly restrictive requests of supply specifications: as a matter of fact, many of Dermacolor’s products are currently included in the Chemicals Gateway ZDHC. 

Dermacolor has been operating in the leather industry since 1981, where it specialises in the production of chemicals for leather tanning and p   rocessing. Created by two partners, Palagini and Meucci, one a technician and the other a businessman, the company currently occupies an important slice of the sector it operates in with passion and devotion. Dermacolor aims to be a landmark in the local leather industry and for companies in the sector that need chemicals. The research and development department works in innovative, fully equipped laboratories, where it makes chemicals that satisfy the market’s needs by using safe chemical formulas that comply with current legislation. The structure, which is divided into two macro areas, a sales one and a technical one, guarantees know-how in the sector by receiving input from the market and quickly applying the solutions needed to meet customer needs. The sales area includes an overseas department, an Italian department, shipments and administration, whereas the technical department consists of: a research laboratory, quality control and a tanning workshop. With over 30 years experience in the tanning industry, Dermacolor srl is a certified company that studies, analyses and produces tanning products and works leather.


UNI EN ISO ISO 9001:2008

UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

OHSAS 18001:2007


Regulation (CE) n. 1907/2006 (REACH) and updates

Chemical substances subject to regulation