DERMACOLOR, Eco-friendly research


DERMACOLOR, leading company in the leather chemistry sector, invests significant resources in the research and development of solutions in line with the strictest regulations when it comes to safety and environmental safeguard.

Specialized in the design and production of leather processing chemicals, featuring articles for both the wet-end and the finishing phases, Dermacolor is now internationally acknowledged as a benchmark for the tanning industry, a byword for quality, experience and professionalism. Research and development are the core values fostered by the company based in Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa province), an ongoing commitment resulting in significant investments in projects aimed at devising safe, yet high-performance chemical compounds, able to meet the requests of a demanding, ever-changing market, in conformity with the current regulations. As a matter of fact, parameters and technical specifications have grown increasingly stricter, especially when it comes to the use of hazardous substances, to environmental safeguard as well as to the protection of people’s health.

An example of this research-oriented attitude lies in the tests and analysis carried out for over 15 years by Dermacolor in the field of metal-free tanning, a process that, by going through the pivotal wet white pre-tanning phase (Dry White Dermacolor), guarantees top-notch standards in terms of grain’s quality and tanning performance, so as to be used in the following processing steps, including garment dyeing – a cutting-edge solution that provides first-rate results, perfect for several end sectors such as footwear, apparel, furnishing and automotive sectors. Special attention is also paid to the wastewaters issue, as confirmed by the employment of fatliquors conceived to effectively lower COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) levels. At the same time, a new range of organic dyestuffs allows to skillfully finish leathers, while avoiding the problems usually related to use of metal-complex pigments that, in some case, might affect negatively the analytical result of the metal-free process. Last but not least, the company has also developed special protection agents, specifically designed to ensure top-notch performances to the articles for the furnishing and automotive sectors.