Dms International, Global challenges

At the Tanning Tech show last February, the very eye-catching sign ‘DMS INTERNATIONAL’ stood out in the company’s booth.

Until last year the firm was known in the tanning industry under the name DMS ITALIA, in the business since 1990 as a reliable supplier of reconditioned used machines, getter of machinery and equipment for treating leather processing waste, as well as maintenance provider. Last year, the owner Dario Rubbo has laid the foundations of an historical and important milestone, namely the production of tanning machines, under the DMS INTERNATIONAL brand, while keeping in business DMS ITALIA. The company based in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza province) will market tanning machines in foreign markets through its new brand

“The new era has already begun – states Rubbo – in summer, a new shed where to produce and storage the new machinery, in particular reverse and synchro buffers, will be ready. This will let us be able to follow the entire production and assembly from A to Z, thus guaranteeing even the smallest details. Meanwhile, we are looking for new agents in foreign markets who will have the task of working for us in their own countries.”

There are many world challenges awaiting DMS INTERNATIONAL. “Right now we don’t have any reference market, – says Dario Rubbo – but there are interesting areas like Mexico and South America, even if within the latter we are facing few issues: in Argentina it is difficult to get a loan from the banks, while in Brazil there is no longer the enthusiasm of the past years. The Eastern countries such of China and India, but also Pakistan and Bangladesh, are still a good field to work in. Let’s not forget the Italian market, where the machinery is highly requested especially from the Arzignano district, as well as the European countries: the first machines we’ll produce are going to be sold in Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, and good deals will also include Eastern European nations, especially Poland and Russia.”