A double brand, DMS ITALIA and DMS INTERNATIONAL, and a top-notch range of products, including RC PAINT, whose “3400” model is the most representative and advanced solution when it comes to buffing machines for leather roller finishing.

Dario Rubbo e Diego Cailotto
Dario Rubbo and Diego Cailotto

“It is our flagship,” proudly stated Dario Rubbo, co-owner together with Diego Cailotto, founders in 1997 of the company based in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza province), close to Arzignano, the world’s most prominent leather district. The DMS ITALIA brand has been operating in the tanning market since 1990, even though the company experienced a significant growth later on, in the 2000s, thanks to its nationwide development and to a marked expansion abroad.

Currently, the potential of the Veneto-based firm – that can rely on a team made up of fifteen or so motivated and highly qualified professionals – lies in the combination between DMS ITALIA (whose core business still revolves around both the sale of an ample array of second-hand overhauled machines and the development of finishing plants and technologies, in addition to maintenance activities and the supplying of a comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts) and DMS INTERNATIONAL, brand launched in 2017 and specialized in the manufacturing of finishing machines for the tanning industry: the latter is the group’s commercial soul, as it owns some patents. Dms technicians, featuring an in-depth expertise in the field of roller technologies, took notice of the customers’ demands for different buffing systems compared to the existing ones. Hence, the beginning of a project kicked off three years ago: a turning point for the group’s owners, resulting in the acquisition of an additional area amounting to 2,300 sqm., located close to the headquarters in via Ravizza, including almost 800 sqm used for the storage of new machines and for the first dismantling operations of second-hand equipment.

“In the last couple of years,” explained Dario Rubbo, “DMS ITALIA’s and DMS INTERNATIONAL’s growth went hand in hand, thus confirming the fact that establishing two separate enterprises, albeit led by the same management, turned out to be a successful choice from an entrepreneurial and strategic perspective. Customers and partners praise us and our three core strengths: experience and reliability; thorough market intelligence and a targeted solution to the most common technical issues; efficient post-sale services and constant assistance. A feat made possible by the well-established know-how of a qualified team, able to fulfil all types of needs. We have an in-depth knowledge of the tanners’ demands, for years we have been providing assistance around the clock, every day. Since this is a mid/small-sized group, we have the opportunity to personally deal with each single customer, to whom we can supply bespoke solutions, helping them face the challenges of an ever-changing, increasingly sophisticated market, even in terms of environmental compatibility, the latter a key aspect we have always been focusing on and destined to become even more relevant in the years to come.”

The RC PAINT 3400 has been met with great success, especially internationally. “Its distinctive trait,” added Dario, “is the “roller in reverse” system connected to leather introduction, but, above all, the top-notch quality of the end product; therefore, it is in great demand in the fashion and automotive sectors. The plant’s development path embodied our strong commitment and it has given us the utmost satisfaction: the more we strived to make a comprehensive, cutting-edge tool, the more RC PAINT was turning into a simple, user-friendly, fast machine. We have already sold 3/4 models, the first one employed in a renowned tannery based in Arzignano: this proximity has given use the chance to monitor daily the installation and the subsequent set-up of the various processing options. The available working area amounts to 3400 mm, springs included, in addition to sliding doors for an easy maintenance and to the touch-screen control panel.”

“In other words, this machine,” he explained, “is the perfect combination between technology, ease of use and environmental awareness, it is suitable for almost all types of leather, soft and rigid, and it is the ideal solution to apply fillers, impregnation, coating agents, hot and cold fatliquors, foamed products on crusts and well as on buffed or full-grain hides. Moreover, RC PAINT is able to enhance the quality of treated materials, thanks to the implementation of stainless-steel components that ensure greater cleanliness during the manufacturing process. Therefore, leathers quality will be higher. The majority of orders proceeds from abroad, market prospects have yet to be defined, yet the potential of the RC PAINT 3400 buffing machine fuels our confidence in the future: in 2019, DMS INTERNATIONAL’s export share accounted for approximately 70% of the turnover, while the opposite is true for DMS ITALIA, as it focuses mainly on the Arzignano district and its exports range between 20 to 25%.”