EFD PAPADOPOULOS FURS Byword for elegance


The mission pursued by the Greek company is to design unique, refined, top-quality garments. All manufactured in Kastoria, one of the most prominent fur industry’s hubs. Luxury and sensuality.

These are the distinctive traits of the creations designed by EFD Papadopoulos, manufactured in full compliance with the highest sustainable quality standards in all production stages, while using the finest raw materials – carefully selected, certified and traceable.

Silky, lightweight, warm as well as embellished with inlays, floral motifs, geometric patterns in various colours, linings and accessories in refined fabrics: the fur garments produced by EFD Papadopoulos perfectly embody both the creativity of skilled designers and the longstanding craft experience of the “made in Kastoria” brand, Greek city grown into an internationally renowned hub for the highend fur industry.

The firm’s laboratories are equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technologies, supported by a highly qualified staff in all sectors. The collections are distributed worldwide and showcased in the most famous boutiques. www.efdfurs.com