Enjoy Italia, Exclusive style

enjoy italia
Specialized in the production of leather garments, fur articles and accessories, the Italian brand skilfully combines craftsmanship, creativity and a modern, eye-catching style.

Enjoy Italia’s history is deeply tied to that of the Esposito family, engaged for several generations in the leather processing sector. “Our products are entirely made in Italy. Since we are headquartered in Solofra, one of Europe’s most prominent tanning districts, we favour sheep, goat and lambskins; as for calfskin models, we make them upon customer request,” explained Carlo Esposito, current Creative Director, who, in 2005, officially registered the brand. Original and fascinating, all the garments and accessories designed by the Campania-based are conceived to be durable. The corporate staff, specialized in several leather processing techniques, put at the clientele’s disposal its experience and skills, monitoring closely all the production phases, ranging from the creation of the model and careful selection of materials up to the artisan packaging.

In 2018, Enjoy Italia’s catalogue further widened thanks to the establishment of KV Milano, brand standing out for the use of top-quality, exclusive hides, entirely handmade. “In addition to the Enjoy Italia Basic Collection, we invest significant resources in KV Milano Exclusive as well, the line that features unique articles, synonymous with creativity and high-end materials,” confirmed Carlo Esposito. In both cases, these garments and accessories are praised and sold worldwide. “One of our strengths lies undoubtedly in the excellent price/quality ratio, as well as in the refined Italian workmanship. After all, we use only the finest leathers. And when we develop a product, we take care of everything, down to the smallest detail.”

As for the sales network, in the last few years, the company has been experiencing an interesting growth in terms of export rate and internationalization. “Up until five/six years ago, the exports proceeds were basically non-existent. Then, the situation utterly changed. Especially in 2018 and 2019, sales abroad accounted for 50% of the corporate turnover,” stated Carlo Esposito. “We have several customers based in Europe, mainly in Spain, Greece and France. We are also paying close attention to another strategic market, that is Japan, where we want to gain a strong foothold thanks to the partnership with a local distributor.”