ERICA, The European social partners of the leather industry engage in a new project on Collective Agreements

erica cotance
COTANCE, industriAll-Europe and the national partner associations held the first Steering Committee meeting of their new Social Dialogue project ERICA (Leather: European Repository of the Industry’s Collective Agreements).

The EU-sponsored initiative will last fifteen months until April 2022 and is developed with national affiliates from 7 Member States (see hereunder).

The main task of the ERICA project will be to create an on-line database gathering the national Collective Agreements of the European leather sector. This database, open to the project partners, will allow a comparative analysis of key elements agreed on by the partnership.

In addition to the Repository of Collective Agreements, the partners will also organise national workshops in Social Dialogue where both sides of the industry will discuss key topics of national collective bargaining, thereby fostering the understanding of the European Social Dialogue and spreading best practice.

A final event will be organised at the end of the project to introduce the Repository and the conclusions of the national discussions to the industry’s stakeholders.

Project details: VS/2021/0013

Coordinator: COTANCE

Co-coordinator: industriAll European trade union

Partners: ACEXPIEL (Spain), AHLI (Hungary), APIC (Portugal), FFTM (France), SG (Sweden), UNIC- Concerie Italiane (Italy), VDL (Germany).

Observer: Leather UK (UK)