Feltre, towards the future, through innovation

Feltre group, also featuring the EMMEZETA and TANMAC brands, is a leader in the design and construction of automation technologies for tanneries. From the origins to the innovations to come.

The company is based in Montorso (Vicenza), in the Arzignano leather district, it boasts almost half a century of history and it’s deeply linked to its territory. This close link lays its foundations on open dialogue and takes shape in the sharing and development of projects with local tanneries; this has led, over the decades, to today’s engineering and technological progress. This approach to the territory and its industry has contributed to the growth of Feltre which, from a carpentry service company, has become a reference point for the tannery automation, offering a complete range of machinery including: stackers, drum loading and unloading systems, sorting lines, automatic systems for leather handling and management.

feltre scarico botti
Drums unloading lines

Feltre’s commercial will is very clear: “The drive that has always moved us is to support leather industry companies in the automation, so to improve both their production performance and the working environment, ensuring safety and improving its conditions”, says Domenico Feltre, owner of Feltre. The lockdown, which forced most of the companies to stop, did not discourage Feltre. “Our interest was to enable customers to continue their activities as if we were physically present in their company” says Domenico Feltre.

Domenico Feltre
Domenico Feltre

“We focused our efforts on finding solutions to support our customers in remote installations and maintenance by providing them with video tutorials and personalized instructions. In this way we were able to successfully carry out several projects despite the difficult situation.”

We recently met Domenico Feltre, who told us about corporate strategies. “Some innovations will focus on the product traceability and quality control, topics on which the sector is aiming a lot. We already have consolidated technologies in the field such as the Leather Tattoo, a laser marking machine for leather, which responds to the digitization needs in order to optimize production through monitoring and data collection. We must consider, now more than ever, that industrial processes are focusing on the issue of sustainability,” states the owner. “Nonetheless, the tanning sector, which has turned its attention to the concept of sustainable leather, cannot ignore the product traceability as this is the only way to guarantee its identity while certifying its quality and sustainability.”

Frontal selection device THE VIEWER® invented by Feltre in 1997

But what does innovation mean for Feltre? “What distinguishes us from other companies that provide systems and automation for tanneries is being able to combine the specific needs of the customer with our longterm background.”

feltre sistema di trasferimento pelli TRANSFER®
The hides transfer system TRANSFER®

“Our philosophy – says Domenico – is to have a meaningful but noninvasive approach: we are able to adapt our technologies to the different needs and applications by offering customers appropriate customized projects. It often happens that our customers become precious partners because, thanks also to their collaboration, we can find together the winning solution. This type of privileged relationship with the customer creates innovation for us. A type of innovation that is not based on the distortion of an established business, but rather on attention to specific needs and the consequent development of solutions that give an added value. This is the identity of Feltre.”