Finproject opens a new plant in Mexico to grown in the world

Finproject Messico

Finproject has announced the opening of a new production facility in Mexico, in the footwear and automotive district of Leòn, which will implement research, development and achievement of high-tech products for footwear and other industrial segments. This facility will mainly work for the brand Crocs and for many Mexican and North American shoe factories.

Finproject Messico

Around $ 4 million will be invested in the new plant in León, that is going to become the outpost for the whole South America. The opening of the new production center endorsed by Foam Creations Mexico, of which Finproject is the parent company, strengthens the brands’ presence in Mexico and relaunches the international growth strategy that enhances Italian know-how.

Finproject Messico

The 15,000 square meter plant will employ around 480 people and will be equipped with 10 XL Extralight soles and footwear production machines, 5 machines to make technical products and, in a separate area, 2 compound production lines dedicated to automotive.
Within the new plant, research, development and production of high-tech items for the footwear industry and other industrial segments will be carried out.

Finproject Industrial Group

Based for the last 50 years in Morrovalle, in the Marche region of Italy, the Finproject industrial group is a leading international name in the production of molded foam, compact and expanded compounds and in the manufacture and marketing of soles and ultralight products for top footwear brands and other industrial sectors, including the spa, automotive, furniture and safety industries.

Compounds, Engineering, Moulding

Finproject is a leading foam manufacturer that create custom foam injection molding products. Parent company Finproject S.p.A. is a vertically integrated business with three divisions: Compounds, Engineering and Moulding.

“Made in Italy” Excellence around the world

Recognised worldwide for their research, innovation and ‘Made in Italy’ excellence, Finproject Industries invest continuously in the development of new markets on all five continents and in the realisation of new commodity support platforms.

Finproject Group

Finproject group has eleven production units, five in Italy and 6 abroad, including the North American division Foam Creations each specialising in a product line but all highly flexible in terms of experience, training, research and service. Finproject group also has 2 showrooms in Brazil and Turkey.