Finproject, Sustainability at your feet

Finproject confirms its commitment in terms of environmental safeguard by providing articles made through the reusing of the by-products resulting from the processing cycle.

The XL EXTRALIGHT® product is still the flagship technology of Finproject, the Marche-based industrial group leader in the manufacturing of extra-lightweight materials based on cross-linked, expansible polyolefins. An ingredient brand that keeps evolving steadily through the research and development of compounds able to intercept and be a step ahead of footwear market trends. The lightness-oriented innovation goes hand in hand with the investments in sustainability, a commitment that the company has been pursuing tirelessly in many ways, including the in-house manufacturing of eco-friendly machinery for the reusing of industrial waste as well as the implementation of photovoltaic systems in the corporate plants.

With regard to sustainability, one of the most interesting compounds is undoubtedly XL EXTRALIGHT® Sustainable+, a newly designed solution that represents a true declaration of intent concerning environmental safeguard. XL EXTRALIGHT® Sustainable+ keeps unchanged the incredible physical as well as mechanical properties featured by XL EXTRALIGHT®; however, it requires an exclusive, highly engineered technique, the latter entailing the reusing and the mixing of the by-products resulting from the processing scraps of the group’s plants. “51% of the material making up the compound,” explained Nicola Vecchiola, managing director and head of the Moulding division, “comes from the reuse of the byproducts of our own manufacturing cycle.

Nicola Vecchiola Finproject

Nicola Vecchiola, head of the Moulding division and Finproject’s managing director

Therefore, XL EXTRALIGHT® Sustainable+ results in the marked saving of mineral resources and avoids turning the scraps and residues generated by a large industrial group into true waste.” A clear message regarding the firm’s will to actively contribute to environmental safeguard, directing the production system towards a pattern fostering circular economy and sustainable growth.