Finproject’s leading technology XL EXTRALIGHT® gives birth to XIRCULAR, the concept sneaker presented at Lineapelle, representing the utmost combination of sustainability and design.

The XIRCULAR sneaker concept is the result of the evolution of XL EXTRALIGHT®, ingredient brand born from the research of the Finproject Industries, for 55 years an international leader in the manufacture of thermoplastic and cross-linkable compounds, soles and other super light products. This new project, combining technological vanguard, a bold design and respect for the environment, was the true protagonist at the latest edition of Lineapelle; it was designed to prove the market that it is possible to produce performing items with a cool and glamorous soul using scraps materials.

This shoe leads towards an approach to sustainability, real mission of the group based in Morrovalle (Macerata province). According to Nicola Vecchiola, director of Finproject’s Moulding Business Unit, “making the most of the possibilities that technology and creativity offer, gives us the chance to innovate our sector, with an eye to the future and while respecting the environment.” The sole is made of XL EXTRALIGHT® Sustainable+, 51% of its formula is carried out with a highly engineered recovery process and mixing of by-products deriving from the processing scraps of the company’s plants. The upper, also made of recycled material, confirms Finproject’s desire to lead the production system towards a circular economy model and sustainable growth.

The concept sneaker also features an outstanding innovative production technology: XIRCULAR is conceived by combining 3D parametric design and 3D printing. In parametric design, the model is created with a “construction history” that is usable at all times – it is possible to make changes by shifting one or more numerical parameter so to get the new updated model in real time. Through this approach, Finproject’s R&D team has managed to develop very complex geometries that can be redesigned by re-modulating algorithms and parameters: this guarantees a considerable saving of design times.