Fly Flot Sustainability made in Italy

Fly Flot features a new environment-friendly product: the company headquartered in Brescia province is at the forefront in the field of comfortable footwear, providing quality solutions designed to meet all types of needs and demands.

Last February, Fly Flot attended once again Micam to deal with the trends for the next Fall/Winter season. The mission pursued by the company based in Brescia province is always the same, that is, to guarantee the foot’s comfort and wellbeing, with a keen eye for style; and yet, now more than ever, Fly Flot aims at the future by investing in solutions that can reduce the environmental impact of the finished product as well as of its processing cycle. Tarcisio Migliorati, Fly Flot’s Sales Manager, outlined the state of the art of a shoe that keeps evolving in order to meet both well-established demands and new habits.

Tarcisio Migliorati Fly Flot

Tarcisio Migliorati, Fly Flot’s Sales Manager, at the corporate stand at the latest edition of Micam

Tarcisio Migliorati, what kind of innovations did you showcase at Micam? Business is done in Milan. The whole process started at Expo Riva Schuh; however, a month before the show held in Riva del Garda, we had chosen to meet all the domestic customers in order to get to Micam with clear ideas, with selected samples ready to be put into production. The February edition featured an overall positive feedback for the new shoe model manufactured with recycled plastic bottles: the upper and the insole use a certified material derived up to 96% from the recycling of separate waste collection. The remaining 4% is made up of elegant fibres that allow, through the needling process, to compact the compound, thus resulting in a felt that, aesthetically speaking, is very similar to the traditional one in either pure wool or wool mix. Furthermore, the performances of the product in terms of softness, breathability, thermal protection and lightness are very competitive, thanks also to the unmatchable comfort of the sole, the latter manufactured through the direct injection of water-based polyurethane foam, an insulating material that does not generate toxic gases. We were among the pioneers in Europe concerning the introduction, in 1991, of waterbased polyurethane foam and the use of water-based dyestuffs and glues, fully aware of their lower environmental impact. Worth mentioning also the fact that, since 2013, all the electric energy used by the twenty-two thousand square meter facility based in Isorella is entirely supplied by our photovoltaic systems. Among the longestablished articles, the models made with stretch materials are still met with great success: thoroughly tested both from a quality and resistance perspective, they help the shoe perfectly fit the shape of the foot, while guaranteeing a containing effect. A strategic feature when it comes to win over the loyalty of a customers that is trying on our creations for the first time. In this regard, the range of boots with insole for intermediate fit has managed to get a positive feedback as well, as they ensure the utmost comfort even to peculiar shapes and a correct foot position.

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Style-wise, what goals have you achieved? The articles developed by Fly Flot are not affected by fleeting fashions, however, in the headquarters based in Calvisano, there is a style assistant that monitors the different trends, so as to pick those details – light effects, nuances, patterns, inserts, materials – that can be applied to Fly Flot shoes as well. Given the high demand, we keep implementing transfer prints, whose motifs are purposefully conceived by in-house graphic designers. Without losing our identity, we have succeeded in revamping the product through stylistic solutions that have won over even younger customers.

fly flot

fly flot

Have you expanded the safety footwear segment too? For now, we are just a market niche. After a long period of research and testing in the in-house corporate laboratories, we have developed an EN ISO compliant safety shoe designed for people working in the food industry, able to protect the foot without squeezing it, thus guaranteeing an anti-fatigue effect, the latter conceived for those who spend long hours standing up. We have once again believed in quality and in the excellence of Italian manufacturing: the result is a product that is working, praised for its non-slip properties, its resistance, lightness, breathability (favoured by a peculiar internal fabric with 3D mesh) and for its aesthetic care.