Fly Flot Spring-Summer 2020, Comfort for all ages

Fly Flot 2020

Satisfied with the clientele’s positive feedback for the winter collections Fly Boot and Coccola, both designed for the Millennials, the R&D department of the leading group in the comfortable footwear sector has chosen to upgrade the 2020 Spring/Summer line by adding models that can meet the fashion tastes of different age brackets.

Fly Flot 2020

Available in several models and colours, for both men and women, Knit features unparalleled characteristics in terms of lightness and adaptability to the feet anatomy.

The upper is made with special knitted yarn, thus resulting in a modular elasticity, while the sole is manufactured in polyurethane, synonymous with the four well-being values: shock-absorbing, ergonomic, self-modelling and slip-proof.

Featuring a 3D mesh fabric, the Fresh line has been widened both in terms of models and of motifs and nuances, so as to meet the tastes of all generations of men and women. New materials and hues, boasting higher performance standards and livelier shades, have been added in the traditional Fly Flot collections as well, with a keen eye for the feet’s well-being.

The Fly Flot brand is distributed in Italy as well as in more than thirty countries worldwide and the export volume has grown by over 50% in the last few years.