FN PLATFORM ’19, Plenty of novelties in store for the uncoming February edition


FN PLATFORM, such a steady commitment has resulted in the implementation of a few changes concerning the next edition of the trade show, scheduled from February 5th to 7th, 2019, in the Las Vegas Convention Center. First of all, the fair is going to move to the North Hall (from the South Hall used previously), so as to be closer to the Central Hall where WWDMAGIC is held, thus ensuring the utmost efficiency from a logistics point of view and favouring cross-boundary partnerships, putting footwear and apparel collections side by side.

Secondly, the organizers have chosen to test out some new designs, décor elements, colours and textures, paving the way to a more futuristic show experience next August 2019.

“As the industry ’s national shoe show, FN PLATFORM is passionate about providing the footwear sector with the best possible stage to build community and commerce. And as the times change, so do we! The needs of buyers and retailers are constantly evolving, and we take this seriously. We pay attention, listen, and pivot to provide the greatest overall experience,” stated Leslie Gallin, President of Footwear for Informa, UBM Fashion’s parent company.

Leslie Gallin

Leslie Gallin, President of Footwear for Informa, UBM Fashion’s parent company

Special attention will be also paid to networking-focused events as well as to the introduction of an improved “matchmaking” programme, conceived to facilitate the contacts between brands and retailers; at the same time, attendees will be provided with more valuable tools to navigate the show, including a new digital app and more educational activities. The ultimate goal pursued by the organizers is to guarantee a one-of-a-kind visiting experience, able to effectively meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market.

Besides the overview of the novelties in store for the upcoming edition of FN PLATFORM, Leslie Gallin took some time to share her opinion concerning the latest trends in terms of fashion, business and fair organization.

The market is warming up to see the latest in fashion trends, can you anticipate your favorite trends to watch for during the coming season?
Clogs seem to be making a comeback, but more important are lower heels for women, while athleisure still driving strong.

In an ever-moving market that sees fairs organizers looking for new services to offer to market operators, how does the collaboration with FFANY fall for the near future?
What we would like to achieve with members of FFANY is an open and transparent dialogue for the footwear branch, where we can discuss business trends and needs of the sector. As trade show providers, both FFANY and FN PLATFORM are the stewards for our industry.


The American market is always a must destination for key players in the fashion and accessories sector. What can you tell us about the recent project of the Portuguese brands at FN PLATFORM?
Now is the time for all international brands and manufactures to make inroads in the USA. Retailers are looking for new brands and factories to work with. The path to success is to stick with it. It may not be easy, but investing people from the company’s home office to focus on the market is the only way to build a business in the USA right now. www.ubmfashion.com