Foxcot safety footwear, an italian debut

A new project, a Tuscany based company that enters the footwear sector with few -but good- models characterized by a simple appearance and a lot of content. A small range that has the premises for a good future development

Young company with lots of experience behind it: Foxcot, based in the town of Poppi in the Arezzo province, has been operating in the sector of industrial and craft equipment for over thirty years, however only recently has developed the decision to put itself on the market with its own line of products, after decades of activity as a retailer.

Foxcot-RA061-1 SRC S3

Foxcot’s proposal for the safety footwear sector is articulated in four different models of safety shoes, two flat shoes and two high shoes, designed for a demanding public when it comes to technical contents.

Shoes that are designed to make everyday’s work easier and safer, and to last for years. All four models have a no-slip SRC certified sole, slip and slide resistant; RA061-1 SRC S3 and RA023 S1P models have a rubber sole with EVA and TPU inserts, the latter helps the shoe to adhere to surfaces with obvious benefits in terms of comfort, in addition to characterizing its aesthetics by virtue of the different color compared to the rest of the sole. RA300 SRC 300 and Dorado S1P models have polyurethane soles, bi-density in the case of the RA300.


Leather has been used for the upper of three of the four models: nubuck leather for the RA061-01, crust leather for the RA300 and suede leather for the Dorado. Nubuck leather is characterized by high quality and besides being pleasant to see and wear, it guarantees breathability and resistance to water, mud and snow (up to an hour in one of these elements); crust leather has been chosen because of its superior thermal capabilities while the suede leather of the Dorado model is suitable for a shoe to use in spring and summer. The RA023 model is the only one using a fabric upper, covered with a KPU net, an elastic and resistant thermoplastic material which gives the shoe a sporty and modern look; a flat shoe, the RA023 is light and suitable for less intense applications than the other models in the Foxcot range.

All four models have an anti-puncture lamina and a composite toe cap, as well as a removable insole made of EVA and Mesh, a combination of materials that ensures cushioning and transpiration.

All four models proposed by Foxcot are available in sizes from 38 to 46.